[Complex Mag] DICE Builds The Best Shooter of 2011, Then Lets You Blow It Up in "Battlefield 3"

The reviewer (a former infantryman with firefight-heavy experience in Afghanistan) called Battlefield 3 "good enough to give me flashbacks." DICE has won: in Battlefield 3, they have created the definitive online shooter of 2011.

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Gameplay9992430d ago

I agree... Well done DICE.

Ashby_JC2430d ago

I only played 2 matches (Conquest) .... loving it!! Im at work and really have the BF3 fever....ready to ROLL OUT and go home and play.

I havent even played Caspian Border yet.

I am interested in Operation see how much improved it is over the beta. As far as full destruction etc etc.

I dont think ill be buying ANYTHING for the rest of the nope.

-Alpha2430d ago

I don't ever want to play Operation Metro again. Judging by the rest of the maps I don't think I'll have any reason to play that horrible clusterf*ck.

Did u get it for the PS3?? How many server rooms are there? How many players online? Please answer, I really want to know. And what about the gameplay experience? Empty? Constant action?

ElDorado2430d ago

I have it for the PS3. I don't know much about server rooms, maybe I don't understand what you mean beacuse I am not from the US. There are a lot of players online, I find a game even faster than in BC2. The gameplay is a lot of fun, have been playing it for the last couple hours. I don't think Operation Metro is that bad though. It all depends, like I have been playing with my friends two hours ago and we dominated because we worked together in squads and were playing for objectives. I like the fact that they decreased the weapon damage (I think so, cause it was very easy to kill in the open beta). Sometimes I'm on a stupid team who doesn't work together at all and we still win. Teamwork is very important like I see it. Destruction is AMAZING, makes the great Destruction 2.0 look like nothing. Hope I could help you out.

Shackdaddy8362430d ago

Conquest Op Metro is actually pretty fun...

You can just un-check it in the server filter though and never see it again :P

Ashby_JC2430d ago

I have it on the 360. There was a ton of server rooms but they were pretty much FULL.

I like the fact they added server rooms as well as quick match. And also a excellent filter so you can just eliminate any maps you DONT want to see on the server list...ala operation metro lol.

Gameplay....I think the map was Seinna crossing? Was a ton of action...urban combat...some tanks...looks kind of like the last area yu defend on Operation metro.

Next map was more start with the option to choose jets. Cant remember the name. Not to much action as the map was large and a few ppl were fighting in jets. IMO why are jets in the game ... ?? Maybe im just NOT seeing them used right..cause so far it seems its just taking away playeres who could be attacking OR defending etc.

At this time im pissed cause it seems EA servers are down...its 830pm EST US :(

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XboxInnovation2430d ago

Best shooter in 2011, lol. That would be Socom 4, but nice try Dice.

Chuk52430d ago

I forgot that even came out this year, lol. talk about third tier.

Jobesy2430d ago

They give the "best shooter of 2011" a 9/10? Shouldn't it be a 10/10 then?

newleaf2430d ago

:) good to see gamers with a sense of humour

Szarky2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Funny I've only heard mediocre things about that game.

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Huwmor2430d ago

Hurray he's getting flashbacks to a traumatic time in his life :) Nice one Dice. (Seriously this game looks epic, singleplayer, not so much but whatever) TO WAR

0neShot2430d ago

Eurogamer says;
"If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the folks at Infinity Ward and Treyarch must be feeling pretty special right now. In retooling DICE's military multiplayer favourite as a direct competitor to reigning heavyweight champ Call of Duty, EA has constructed a package that echoes its rival in so many ways it's downright eerie. If Call of Duty is Bridget Fonda, then Battlefield just became Jennifer Jason Leigh."

Well, If this becomes the best 2011 shooter, then DICE has to thank Infinity Ward and Treyarch for COPYING the COD formula.

ElDorado2430d ago

Battlefield doesn't play like CoD at all. People who really think that have to play the game differently, it's nothing like CoD.

HeavenlySnipes2430d ago

literally is ripped from Black Ops. How the whole thing is set up with you playing as a guy being interrogated and playing through the guys memories. Uninspired is the perfect word to describe it, because the SP is as creative as Conan's comedy. I've yet to play the MP but the campaign is underwhelming. I await people to say that BF isn't about Sp so its okay for it to be shitty and get a pass.


I don't think a lot of these sites gave proper time into the BF3 multiplayer. I have, it's called 10 hours worth so far, and it plays like a BATTLEFIELD game...Gee, if anything, CoD stole a lot from the Battlefield games that came WAY before Call of Duty ever did.

BF3 plays like a very polished and updated Battlefield game...let's start there reveiwer's...I seriously should consider journalism. Jesus.

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