Mobile Gaming: 'No Reason' It Won't Replace Consoles, says Developer

Mobile devices have seen huge sales of late, and the market has become so huge that longtime industry veterans like Peter Moore are beginning to question the relevance of dedicated handhelds. But will there come a day when mobile devices will completely take over, serving as console replacements?

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donniebaseball2400d ago

If it's connectable to the TV and has a separate wireless controller... maybe.

Wintersun6162400d ago

And what would that do to truly mobile gaming? Would you want to carry a DualShock 3 around to control your Vita?

badjournalism2400d ago

this completely ignores the limitations of touchscreen controls, and the fact that a dedicated handheld can go for 4-5yrs without losing support from devs. You're lucky to go 2yrs with a smartphone before that happens, with 9-14mos being the average.

adorie2400d ago

you're not understanding the future prospects of mobile phones. technology is converging into itself and mobile phones seem to be the display case for that very fact.

imagine a Sony PlayStation phone that is small, thin and packed with enough tech to produce visuals like a GTX 590 PC, without the excessive hardware... HDMI out... Bluetooth controllers. done deal. the future is small.

Wintersun6162400d ago

While that device would be awesome, we're just not there yet. And even if we could make such a product, it would cost a LOT. And still that would be only one model that could barely compete with Vita and 3DS controls-wise. How about all the other phones out there, that only have a touch-screen?

These ideas and illusions you guys come up with sound good on paper, but as soon as you start thinking about the practical stuff such as is it realistic, how much will it cost, what about the still superior controls on Vita, those dreams remain just dreams for now.

badjournalism2400d ago

You'll never achieve that level of power in *any* handheld til you tackle the one thing all these people seem to forget: heat.

MultiConsoleGamer2400d ago

Mobile gaming will replace traditional portable gaming.

However, anyone who says it will replace console gaming should remove their head from their own ass.

Ulf2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I actually think even traditional handheld gamers will disagree with your statement.

The touchscreen-only interface is not something that is really ever going to "take over" in that regard. That's like saying that all the people who complained that the PSP had only one analog stick were wrong -- not because they wanted two sticks, but because they should have wanted none.

MultiConsoleGamer2400d ago

I own over 30 different portable gaming devices. If anyone is a "traditional handheld gameer" it's me.

Do I want to see mobile replace portable gaming? Nope. Will it? Yes. Almost certainly.

And "touch screen only?" I gues you haven't tried the Xperia Play. Even though its far from perfect, its a good step in the right direction.

Ulf2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I do own an Xperia Play actually. It's hard to find decent games for, though (I'm picky -- there are lots to choose from, but I am spoiled by the good quality of PSP games).

I think the issues that plague the phone market -- in that you can't rely upon the user's hardware being able to handle top notch stuff, or have a dpad, PS buttons, etc. will leave the phone market forever in the "casual" gaming space. It will never be able to draw the serious gamer's attention for any serious investment.

The Play would be an awesome phone... if there were actually any decent games on the market. That's just it though.. lots of people talk about phone gaming is taking over, but... what game are they talking about? Angry Birds? Angry Birds, by itself, is not taking over the gaming space. Neither is Xenonia, Rocket Bunnies, Cut the Rope, Pocket God, or any of the other "high quality" (lol) garbage available on phones.

smashcrashbash2400d ago

Really? You can't see ANY reason why it won't replace console gaming. No reason at all? Okay, you can go now.

Reaper99372400d ago

That developer is a [email protected]#$in idiot, replace gaming, don't make me laugh. Yes now I understand, I want to game on my mobile device 4-5 inch screen rather that chilling on my lazy boy coach, console connected to a 55 inch 3D LED TV...I can absolutely see why millions would prefer the mobile gaming option.

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