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Tasha from The Controller Online writes: "Dance Central 2 is exactly what I hoped it would be and more. It has the same things that made me love the original with improvements to parts I felt were lacking. It gives you fun co-op play, the ability to just jump in and dance as well as a greatly improving Break It Down mode. DC2 is everything you want in a sequel."

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baodeus2374d ago

LOL...but for dancing game, i think it is the best.

Dovahkiin2374d ago

Better get out the dance mat.

digweed4me2374d ago

Hahaha microsoft slaves dance central 10 hahhahhahahahaa

Perjoss2374d ago

DC2 doing really good on scores, a 9 from IGN and another 12 9 and above scores on metacritic.

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