Puzzler: Guess the monsters

If there's one thing we've learned from video games, it's that the world is crawling with ungodly beasts and genetic mutations. How many of the following fiends can you identify?

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Gungnir2460d ago

It seems like there's some unspoken competition to see who can create the most f'ed-up monster in a video game.

THR1LLHOUSE2459d ago

Yeah, some of those are pretty disturbing...What's up, game devs? Working out some weird issues?

NagaSotuva2460d ago

I think #2 is the most disturbing image. I can't stand opera theaters.

SybaRat2460d ago

Funny how many of these involve obesity and/or boobs (male and female).

idontgetit2459d ago

I think most people really hate the combination of obesity and boobs. Lots of...folds there.

THR1LLHOUSE2459d ago

Man...I got a few of 'em, at least. I thought "Something from Doom" and "a Resident Evil thing?" were pretty good guesses...

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