SCEA Appoints New Senior Vice President of Marketing and PlayStation Network, Guy Longworth

After Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Peter Dille left in March, the role has been left unfilled, despite Sony needing the position more than ever in light of the PSN hack. SCEA have announced that they have appointed a new SVP, and that he will also be the SVP of the PlayStation Network.

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Sev2489d ago

Nah, this guy directly reports to KB.

decimalator2489d ago

He's a Senior VP, doesn't KB report to him? Or maybe KB got a promotion too?

nix2489d ago

i think the new set of advertisements Sony is doing has shifted from KB to "Long Live Play". i don't think we'll be seeing any more of Mr. Kevin Butler.

ATi_Elite2489d ago

Things were not right and Sony made a good move.

Guy Longworth
15 years classic consumer brand experience with Procter and Gamble, Kraft Foods and Kellogg’s, culminating in 3 years as the Chief Marketing Officer of Kellogg’s largest international business (revenues in excess of $700M).

Those are some BIG BIG names when it comes to being charge of their ads cause they run ads all day long with 100's of products.

I hope he can work some magic with Sony!

insertcoin2489d ago

I hope we don't start seeing the XMB become an ads space...

stormeagle62489d ago

I honestly don't envy this guy's job.

clearelite2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Finally, I have been wondering what was up with their markweting for years. Even considering that it may be a part of their strategy. Seems they know that it is time to turn up the heat and with PS3 at $250 already selling like hot cakes, it is a great time to build some more momentum.

Also: I love KB and I think he's done a fine job for them, however, if they want to compete with their compatitors spending and countermarketing, it wouldn't hurt to step their game up.

telekineticmantis2489d ago

of every commercial and see what happens

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