3 types of gamers who need to play The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Bitmob Intern Kyle Russel: Not sure if Skyrim will be for you? After having the opportunity to play for several hours, there are three types of gamers who I think need to get their hands on the new title from Bethesda.

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Gungnir2458d ago

Guess I should give it a try then.

mt2458d ago

I haven't got a chance to play Oblivion yet, but i would like to play skyrim. and now it is too late for Oblivion too many good games to play let alone i am still getting slaughtered in Dark souls and i am not done with it. looking so forward to skyrim.

Blackdeath_6632458d ago

same didnt get the chance to play oblivion so skyrim will be my first elder scrolls and thank fully they manged to make it more user friendly with out subtracting from the games qualities or upsetting long term fans

NagaSotuva2458d ago

What about gamers who didn't like Oblivion?

NukaCola2458d ago

See I played the hell out of Oblivion, but I found it to be repetative and tidious. I am for one am more than excited to play Skyrim. It's bringing back the morrowind vibe, but still set in a this amazing fantasy world.

SybaRat2458d ago

Was expecting a category labeled "People who are breathing."

Captain Qwark 92458d ago

lol love it ^^^

and im all three types and i need to play it becuase its my fav series of games ever!!!!!!!

THR1LLHOUSE2458d ago

Hmm...I like to think of myself as a "smart action gamer." We'll see if I really am, since I'll be picking up Skyrim no matter what.

I don't care what type of gamer I am though, I'm really just looking foward to the moment when you first walk out of the cave/dungeon/vault/whatever and see some amazing vista. Oblivion's was great, Fallout 3's was...bleak (but great!)

idontgetit2458d ago

So excited! Am all three...but also a completionist. I'm doomed.

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