Leaving Lordran: Why I'd rather play Pokemon or Final Fantasy 13 than Dark Souls

Bitmob Staff Writer Layton Shumway: I’m through with Dark Souls. Whatever wonders lie ahead, I don’t have the will to seek them. Why? Because Dark Souls asks too much...and rewards too little.

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Gungnir2457d ago

I don't agree, but I respect the author's decision to not play a game that he doesn't find rewarding enough.

Reibooi2457d ago

The only thing i don't really like about Dark Souls is the setting. There are so many generic medieval games out there and the awesome game play that Dark Souls has would be alot cooler in a much more unique setting.

This is personal preference however. I'm not a big fan of the whole medieval thing and I know alot of folks out there who love it. But still even that is a minor complaint. The game is incredible. That said it certainly isn't for everyone.

Akiba962457d ago

i dont consider dark souls to be generic. elder scrolls on the other hand has a way more generic setting. dark souls has so many unique and interesting enemies and settings

JsonHenry2457d ago

^^ He never got outside of the Undead Burg if he thinks it is generic. :)

Seriously though, I Dark Souls is probably my favorite RPG of all time now that I have put over 120hrs into the game across two characters.

Reibooi2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

It seems people don't know what the words "Personal Preference" mean. As I stated I am not a big fan of the medieval kind of setting regardless of if it's more interesting or unique compared to other games with a similar setting it's not MY cup of tea. I don't like the Oblivion settings nor will I like the Skyrim settings(despite the fact that I still play games like that)

So many games have done a medieval setting over the years it's extreamly hard to make it interesting again and while Dark Souls isn't the worst I've seen it's still a medieval setting and my Personal Preference prefers things other then that.

LadyGaga2457d ago

It depends on the Pokemon game.

If I had to choose Red/Gold over Dark Souls, I would choose Pokemon.

Final Fantasy sucks.

NagaSotuva2457d ago

Oh poop. Just when I was 95% sold on getting this game.

Captain Qwark 92457d ago

best game i have played this year and nowhere near as hard as they say, it actually gets way easier after the first few hours

Tanir2457d ago

u havent been to demon runs then huh >_> lol. oh the skeleton place or ghost place haha

Captain Qwark 92457d ago


i beat them a while ago, but yes ill agree the tomb of the giants was def a pain, but it gets alot easier if you have "cast light", the giant skeletons are still tough but thats it, nito is just as easy as pinwheel, go two handed get close and slash away, ignor the other skeletons...

demon ruins is easy, lost izla or whatever it is is a bit harder just run through it....

and the ghost place is very easy fyi though i was around 70 when i did these places with a +10 eagle shield and +5 lightning greatsword with +15 pyro too, i walked through every area after anor with little resistence

Nevers2457d ago

@Cpt Qwark

Wait... you can upgrade one weapon to have 2 different enchantments?!?!?!? (ie Lightning/Fire)


I'm not as far as you by any means... but I just wasn't seeing the usefulness of anything other than Drake's. I really need to start upgrading more weapons, gah!!!!

brodychet2457d ago

Dark Souls is an amazing game. So amazing, I'm worried if it'll be better than Skyrim.

crazytown992457d ago

I'm afraid to play Dark Souls, but not as afraid as I am to play Pokemon.

brish2457d ago

The thought of playing Pokemon gives me nightmares.

Heartnet2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

yeh.. watched somewhere that pokemon are demons...

zerocrossing2457d ago

Dark Souls "isn't for everyone" sorry but its true.

I finished my 1st play through the other day, and found that (much like Demons Souls) the difficulty was blown way out of proportion.

Captain Qwark 92457d ago

way way way oout of proportion, the ones whining prob just arent very good at games, yes you will die, prob a good amount of times, most i died was at anor londo running up that stupid walkway with the knights shooting arrows at you knocking you back like 5 feet ( and off the platform ) everytime. and the second most was at anor londos bosses. i died prob 6-10 times at each instance and that was the most. also after those guys the bosses all become super easy, nito=2 tries, 4 kings=1 try, seath=1 try, root guy=5ish, cinder=6 times ( fyi iron flesh and combustion, beat him down )....

anyway, point is, you will die but never a crazy amount, the game is very balanced and provides enough difficulty to feel accomplished but rarely feels unfair, put some thought into each encounter you fail at and you will win ( i tried sword to sword with cinder, he beat my ass, i came up with iron flesh/combustion combo as alt and beat him )

zerocrossing2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

So true!

"running up that stupid walkway with the knights shooting arrows at you knocking you back like 5 feet ( and off the platform ) everytime."

I freaking hate that part of the game! lol, I died so many times I was honestly thinking "Do they seriously expect you to do this!" O.o

Nice tactic with cinder btw, wish I had thought of that.

I just maxed out my Knight Shield and made myself a LV 10 Flame Claymore, the only tactic I worked out for beating cinder was to keep my distance and guard his sword swipes and when he tried to grab me Id be just out of range so while he's recovering from his grab attack I took advantage and delivered as many strikes as I could and got the hell outta there!. rinse, repeat, lol.

JsonHenry2457d ago

Once you learn the ropes the game really isn't that difficult at all. Especially not if you farm souls and upgrade your gear before moving into "tougher" areas.

SybaRat2457d ago

Geez. He'll give up heroin and hookers next.

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