PS3 leading 2011 Australian console sales

PlayStation 3 has outsold the Wii and Xbox 360 in Australia this year, with the recent price drop significantly boosting sales.

Sony is pleased with the PS3's performance after its well-publicised PlayStation Network security breach earlier in the year, which prompted Sony to shut its PS3 online services down for a month.

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Gamer30002456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

good job sony

EDIT : for the fairy disagree
you are right
Bad job sony ..BAD
you should not sell your console
I hate you sony /s

StanLee2456d ago

The should track console sales in the Central Americas and Caribbean. Those regions are devout Sony supporters. Almost everyone I know back home in Trinidad has a PS3. Many have only 2 games GT5 and Fifa and that's it. They don't want anything else.

NukaCola2456d ago

It's more than safe to that Sony is #1 in every country but UK and US when compared to 360. I am sure a few other ones out there tip the scale on the 360 field but the demographic is well infavored of PS3.


Jamaicangmr2456d ago

Yup Jamaica is Playstation country the ratio between PS3 and Xbox360 here is pretty much as it stands in Japan i'd say.

@ StanLee

Technically it is tracked because Sony doesn't destribute in the Caribbean so we buy from North America by large. Whatever boost the US and Canada get we are in there as we helped

kikizoo2456d ago

"fairy disagree" So many denial xfans here, with their multiaccounts, i understand why they are always butthurt, but please....

on the lens of lies stupid comparisons show, it's like npd article, they are in full force, like blind sheeps, forgetting they inferior experience for a moment :)

Jamaicangmr2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Yeah Great Job even though i'm a bit surprise to see Articles such as this still being written. Brings me back to the early years when every country's sales where written about. lol!

Cyrax_872456d ago

This isn't surprising. The price drop here in Australia brought the console down to $300 from $500! That's very cheap considering launch PS3's were $1000 here.

gamingdroid2456d ago

Wow! A 40% price cut?

No wonder it is spiking.... Target clearances by cutting prices starting at 20-25%. So in comparison, not only is that a huge percent cut, but also a huge price cut.

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StrongMan2456d ago

I didn't know consoles were sold outside of America.


egidem2456d ago

Once again the disagree fairy strikes!

She really needs a lesson in sarcasm.

nix2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

or in how to click on 'Agree' or anger management. q;

in reality, i feel sorry for the new buyers of PS3. i wonder if they'll ever have time to play all those great exclusives... and with this season oct-nov-dec being filled with so many great games, i wish them good luck.

@fanboi (below): it says "1.4 million PS3" so far.

HardCover2456d ago

You're on N4G.

You should know by the time you make an account that the agree/disagree system means absolutely nothing.

egidem2456d ago


Come to think of it, you are right!

I recently replayed Resistance Fall of Man and remembered the first time (December 2006) I got to play this game: - it's the first PS3 game I've ever bought/played and I still have the original copy to date.

Then I thought about all the PS3 exclusives that after from December 2006 to this holiday season...that is a staggering amount of games to go through!

People who are making the jump say from PS2 to PS3, it would be a good time - TONS of exclusive games to play available at cheap prices, but also a bad time as there is quite a staggering amount of games to go through.

Looking back at all the exclusives I've played and for how long, I say those are quite a lot of games to play!

Bolts2456d ago

It wold be nice to have some numbers.

thebudgetgamer2456d ago

Seven, Three, Eight and the always popular Fifteen.

postofficebuddy2456d ago

It says in the article PS3 has sold 1.4 million in Australia.

newleaf2456d ago

Australia is not the world though. . .what? Had to be said

CharlesDCI2456d ago

Good think Sony isn't putting all their eggs in one basket when it comes to selling in one country.

what? Had to be said...

SilentNegotiator2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

But it's certainly a part of the world that contributes to the ps3 generally selling faster than the 360 worldwide.

That's why it's said when people suggest that NPD numbers show that the 360 is selling better than the ps3. Not simply because one region isn't actually the world, which most people are aware of.

MasterCornholio2456d ago

Nice to see the PS3 is number o.e in that continent. It suxs that there's a ton Of tax on games there.


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