Minecraft for Xbox 360 Can Be Played With Kinect, More Details Revealed

Microsoft answers a few fan questions about Minecraft for the Xbox 360

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Voxelman2238d ago

Um kinect support was announced at E3

gamingdroid2237d ago

Well it is re-announced for those that didn't know.

Personally, I vaguely remember it mentioned, but never confirmed.

Mikefizzled2237d ago

I trying to make a hardcore game like minecraft appeal to bigger markets

gamingdroid2237d ago

... but maybe it is more convenient for some others. Slower in some areas, maybe better in others.

It's optional so....

user8586212237d ago

heres a question, whens it out!?

from the beach2237d ago

As other posters have pointed out, it was already known this had Kinect support - the news from 'MineCon' (lol) is that it's been delayed from this winter to next spring.