Battlefield 3 PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Battlefield 3 is finally released, and it’s time to see how this highly anticipated FPS game performs with a modern-day PC. Contrary to other performance analyses, this – as pretty much every other in DSOGaming – is addressed to the average Joe, who does not have the latest and fastest GPU/CPU. So, is our GTX295 outdated and is it time to replace or is it Battlefield 3 enjoyable in Ultra settings with a GTX295 and a Q9650 at 4.2Ghz? Well, time to find out."

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RedDeadLB2335d ago

Surprisingly, my Core2Duo E8400 @ 3.85GHz runs BF3's campaing without a hitch. No bottlenecking so far.

limewax2335d ago

I have been really shocked by the performance, What happened to the dual 580s?

I wont complain, I don't want to re-engage the OC on my sandybridge unless I need to. And it's good to hear my GPU will handle it, I just don't get why DICE said dual 580s for Ultra @ 60 FPS

evrfighter2335d ago

If anything this shows just how big an impact drivers make on performance.

RedDeadLB2335d ago

GTX 460 768 and E8400, running on High preset at 1680x1050 at ~60fps. Really amazing.

decrypt2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

This basically burries the PC needing upgrades every 6 months arguement as Bf3 is probably the most demanding game this year and still running better than console on a 3-4 year old PC.

nycredude2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

It's not the most demanding game at all bro. It is in fact one of the most well optimized games on pc. Unfortunately most developers don't put as much effort into optimizing as does Dice so many games don't run this smooth with better hardware..

According to what I've been seeing on youtube and online, My laptop should run this on at least 1080p and high settings if not ultra.

I have a lappy with I7 720qm, radeon mobility 5870, 8gb ram.

Edit: Battlefield 3 is also one of very few games that is well optimized for quad core cpus. Great FREAKING job DICE!

kevnb2335d ago

my laptop runs it fine on ultra if I turn hbao off and turn on ssao instead.

limewax2335d ago

Likely 1366 x 768

But that is a guess based on the fact most modern laptops use that display

peowpeow2335d ago

How much better does it run compared to the beta?

kevnb2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

the beta wasnt even the same level of graphics really. I really only played the beta on my desktop, for what its worth it feels smoother on my laptop than the beta did.

john22335d ago

It runs definitely better than the beta

Fishy Fingers2335d ago

Little bit specific with the hardware, rather see someone try multiple different set-ups. Good write up though.

Kidmyst2335d ago

I am running dual GTX 560's OC versions in SLI mode on Ultra setings and it looks great and no issues at all on SP or MP.

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