'Kinect Sports: Season Two' Review [Game Rant]

Game Rant's Jeff Schille writes: "Kinect Sports: Season Two arrives bearing six all new sports for virtual athletes to master: Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Football, Skiing, and Darts. They are not all equally good, but the best of them define a new, unmatched standard in gestural control that fully delivers on the promise of Kinect. Add to that excellent, responsive voice control for everything from menu options (“Change main player”) to actual gameplay (“Ready, hike!”), and it begins to become clear what a significant jump this represents from the first Kinect Sports."

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LiamIRL822488d ago

Why only six games, the first one also only had six. This is a full priced game ffs!

tickticktick2488d ago

I'm going to love playing this with my niece. I'm not too big on Kinect personally, but I do see future potential. I think what the PC community is doing with Kinect is fantastic.