GTA V: Bring Back San Andres - Features That Need To Be In GTA V

Lets take a look at some of the things San Andres did right and where GTA 5 needs to pick up at.

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B-Real2062341d ago

Please don't bring back the annoying friends....flame on!

ATi_Elite2341d ago

Vert ramp
Sky diving
flying airplanes
weight lifting
vomiting when you eat too much
way to customize your character more
Gambling in the casinos
Estate management
Turf wars

Better yet just make San Andreas 2

Dovahkiin2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

BMX is all i ask for, and more character customization.

i_da_pappy2341d ago

car customization
home buying
buying businesses
bring back the gym
better character customization

just to name a few

2341d ago
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