Sony Ramps Up PS3 Game Production in Russia, Prepares to Produce 450,000 Copies a Month

While monthly NPD figures give a revealing look into US game sales, the PlayStation brand has always been a global product, loved the world over. In fact, Europe has consistently supported the PS3, even in it’s weaker months. In Russia, the PS3 has become increasingly popular as the price has fallen, but Russian gamers are still forced to wait far longer than the US or Western Europe for the latest games – something that is soon set to change.

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Sev2484d ago

Now, if they could only sell that many PS3 exclusives a month. That's really just a dig at Resistance 3. And before everyone flips out, I loved Resistance 3.

blumatt2484d ago

I hope the U.S. will fall back in love with the PS brand again, like back in the days of the PS2. I have a feeling that Sony are thinking alot about how to build and market the PS4 to regain the U.S. market as PlayStation dominant again. The PS Vita shows that Sony have learned a lot in the past few years. The PS4 will be THE console to have. Mark my words. The Vita is proof of it.

doctorstrange2484d ago

If the PS4 is built with the same mindset as the Vita, then:


TOO PAWNED2484d ago

When PSN is on same level as XBL that will happen. I don't care what Sony fanboys think of PSN, the fact is people that blindly love 360 is only because of XBL. If you have not realized this by now...

dark-hollow2484d ago

The reason that they lost most ps2 crowd is mainly because of the slow start and the 600$ price tag.

Ms taking some of sony's beloved exclusives didn't help also.

next gen sure would be very interesting.

kikizoo2484d ago

Biased media and brainwashed us xbox users helped a lot too...

[email protected] psn/xbl argument : the difference ? one is free.

TOO PAWNED2484d ago

I would pay same fee for PSN to be just as good as xbl. You get what you pay for. PSN+ is something different

trouble_bubble2484d ago

XBL was great in 2007, untouched, but it's absolutely nothing to go apeS*&% over in 2011. GameRoom makes Home look like rocket science.

For many, XBL was their first time online, and you always remember your first. But you also tend to take off the rose tinted glasses as you branch out. Not so with gamers. I'll take putting messages in friend requests stating who the hell I am and permanent date/time stamps on cheevos over crossgamechat anyday, twice on friday.

Persistantthug2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

No thanks.

The meat of the service(s) is gameplay. Last I checked, I was shooting people in BF3 on PSN just the same as those on XBOX LIVE.

Only....I'm doin it for free.

I'll take free, thanks.

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newleaf2484d ago

Maybe they won't be so arrogant next time and believe people will buy it "because it is a playstation."
They really got knocked off their high horse this gen.

Nykamari2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Yes they got knocked off, but it was Nintendo who did it! And they had it first!

Godmars2902484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

In non-Soviet Russia, we make Dark Side come to us!

Yeah, I'm sure that'll love a game where Russia was the first country to fall.

Then again that could be another Resistance series where the Russians are still fighting and holding on.

But if the PS3 and its games do do better there than in the States, then that means more Russian aimed titles.

disturbing_flame2484d ago

Feed the wolves.
Mother Russia is back in the business.

trouble_bubble2484d ago

lol, the Cold War returns, USA vs USSR -USSR just sounds cooler-

Drago vs Greenberg?

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