Wii shortage gives PS3 and 360 "fantastic opportunity"

Limited Wii supply provides a "fantastic opportunity" for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 this Christmas, high street retailer HMV has said.

Speaking to, HMV head of press Gennaro Castaldo said retailer inability to meet the "unprecedented" demand for Nintendo's console may provide Sony and Microsoft with "slack to pick up".

Castaldo said: "They (Nintendo) have reached a golden scenario. Demand keeps growing ahead of supply. It's the other family members who are responding to it. The more you can't have something the more you want it."

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mighty_douche3919d ago

i doubt anyone who wants a wii is suddenly gonna decide to spend double the amount on either the 360 or ps3 rather than simply wait a month.

still, if its for you kid fo christmas day you might have no choice but to go with one of the others.

Salvadore3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

If I were to buy a Wii and none were available, I would simply wait for another shippment or simply buy another console which is close it it's price tag.

The Maverick3919d ago

not meaning to hate on the wii, but i think every serious person interested in games whether they be developers, or players know that it is a joke the only problem is trying to get it out to the vast majority of people who believe that it is the best thing ever, i am not a fan of the ps3 but i would still want it to sell more for the simple fact that it is a next gen game console along with xbox 360 while the wii is a last generationgamecube with a glorified remote, which to be frank is crap, so hopefully this will give more people the opportunity to play some real and decent games on both consoles but because at heart im an xbot, bring it on 360!!!!

TheMART3919d ago

If it does, parents/people are more likely to pick up the console closest in price.

At the moment, my local MediaMarket (Electronics Warehouse) sells the 360 Arcade for 249 Euro. Exactly the same price as the Wii.

Imagine what Christmas shopping people will pick after they see the Wii isn't there. Exactly. The same priced 360 Arcade, not the 360 Premium for 349 Euro (with 2 games) or the PS3 for 399 Euro. Nope

xaphanze3919d ago

so why exactly is the ps3 outselling the 360 in europe then?

wiizy3919d ago

thats the only way sony can sell systems... wii and xbox360 will still be first and second

dale13919d ago

ps3 is out selling the wi and 360 in the uk end of subject theres not enough wi coming in to out sell them

RuffRyder3919d ago

Thats complete [email protected], I live in the UK (england) and the wii is sold out everywhere and the 360 has been consistently outselling the ps3 in the UK and the whole of eroupe except a fews countries such and spain and france..

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The story is too old to be commented.