Super Mario 64: iPhone Controls Wouldn't Do The Game Justice

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Many longtime Nintendo fans have fond memories playing Super Mario 64, particularly the way the newly released Nintendo 64 controller felt in their hands. The analog stick was spot on, suggesting legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto custom built the device for that experience alone.

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ignorantsonsof_2491d ago

Playing Super Mario 64 DS on the 3DS with the circle pad is so awesome.

cpayne932491d ago

It uses the analog abilities correctly??? You can move in more than 8 directions?

ignorantsonsof_2491d ago

Well, somewhat. The way they designed the game for the D-pad was very analog stick like, so playing it with the circle pad works very well and almost feels like it's designed for it. Like I can do the side somersaults in pretty much any direction with no problems, it works that well. I think what they did was a sort of transition between all the 8 directions that made it feel smoother and analog like, I read that Mario Kart DS also worked very well with the circle pad because of this. Obviously the N64 version still plays better though.

_Aarix_2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Well guess playing the game on my iPhone via emulators and guess what I already have 67 stars and im having fun. They need to adopt this technology because I hated the stylus.