Naughty Dog: Beware of Major Uncharted 3 Spoilers on the Web

Although Uncharted 3 is nearing its release date, there’s still some time left before gamers can lay their hands on the game.

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smurfz2492d ago

I've already initiated my "media blackout" mode for the game, but thanks anyways ND. I'm so pumped to play this, I might develop some new muscle growth!

inveni02492d ago

Remember when people were spoiling Heavy Rain within the comments here at N4G? You might want to expand your "blackout".

R4MBO2492d ago

No reviewer should even contemplate posting any possible spoilers for the game anyway.

cyborg2492d ago

about the reviewers, they're talking about some gamers who've managed to get hold of a early retail copy which have been leaked. Some of them might find it convenient to complete the game themselves, and go on to spoil it for others.

It's these people, that ND is warning us to be wary of.

inveni02492d ago

True. There was mass spoilage of Heavy Rain before it released. Some people are real jerks.

psb2492d ago

unless it's the ending of the game, tbh.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2491d ago

i usually dont, but it doesn't work that way with uncharted.

RayRay362492d ago

I watched the launch trailer & that was it. Nov 1st is commin

john22492d ago

Reviewers shouldn't be posting spoilers in the first place. Period. If you are, though, then at least have a clear disclaimer before the review itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.