GameStop holding Wii supplies until Black Friday

GameRush writes:

"The Nintendo Wii remains one of the most sought after items of the holiday season. With that comes word from GameStop's headquarters that all of their stores should not sell any Wii consoles until Black Friday."

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Skerj3744d ago

Hah that's pretty shady, fortunately I know where to get one if I want one and it isn't GameStop.

leon763744d ago

Sorry guys, one stupid question but... when is black friday?

Sovannah Phum3744d ago

i can't believe stores do this but, i guess it works. foot traffic w/ rumors creates impulse buys...

THESWAT3744d ago

they will sell the wii in half price on black friday, when they can sell if for more

Grassroots3744d ago

wow, moms are going to be throwing down at your local Gamestops for a Wii for their children. Can't wait to see this on the news tomorrow morning.

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