Uncharted 3 Screens Show Incredible Facial Detail

Sony’s released some brand new Uncharted 3 screenshots to mark the occassion of the game’s reviews going live, and they look spectacular. Naughty Dog’s upcoming exclusive has received world-wide acclaim and it shaping up to be a serious Game of The Year Contender.

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cyborg2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

left me speechless. Naughty Gods confirmed.

dark-hollow2218d ago

I swear for the first glance i taught the article picture is one of naught dog developers O.o

blumatt2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Man, his face looks sooo damned realistic. It's near photorealistic. I can't wait to see what ND does with the PS4. It's gonna be insane!! Imagine a 16 SPU Cell Processor with 4-8GB of RAM and a better GPU. Quad Layer 100GB Bluray Discs. (with 8-16X read speeds) 1080p native resolution with 60fps. Uncharted 4 will look crazy good!! Just my dream of (backward compatible) PS4 hardware. haha I hope it's something similar to that anyway. And is priced at $500 or less (hopefully $400).

frostypants2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I like your specs, blumatt, but remember, many developers will ALWAYS trade 60fps in for better graphics. I.E., fix the game at 30fps and max out the detail, rather than sacrifice a bit of detail for 60fps. This will always be a point of consideration, no matter how powerful the hardware. The overall bar just goes higher.

Now, if enough gamers clamor for 60fps, maybe developers will start making that a standard and won't consider trading a few frames off for image quality/object detail.

MaxXAttaxX2218d ago

These were taken from the multiplayer(replay?):

Definitely looks better than Uncharted 2. Not "just as good".

TheOneYouHate2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

That's where PC graphics Fail. My dual 580GTX and my i7 can outperform the PS3 multiple times. Yet there is not one game that shows it in terms of detail and animation. Yes I can run 1080p yes I can have AA full blast, but come ON where's the game that will make my $2000 worth it.

Uncharted graphics king! That 7800GTX and the Cell, "old" tech in specs yet a marvel in Great developers.

Oh I forgot I'm running 12gb of OCZ ram. What a waste.

blumatt2218d ago

Yeah, just imagine what Naught Dog could do if they had your PC specs to work with on the PS4. haha Just crazy to even think how good it would be. It already looks insanely good, but that would make Uncharted literally look like you were watching a movie.

A-Glorious-Dawn2218d ago

My feelings with every vid I watch of Uncharted.

Thousands of hours on hundreds of games on my PC which (while not quite as high end as yours) would out perform a PS3 by a long shot.

Yet here is a game which gives me more than I have ever seen on any game, more fluid animation more vibrant environments every part is amazingly detailed beyond just High resolution textures..

Oh if ND developed for PC we would have something to burn our eyes out....

They are some of the most talented men and women ever to grace this industry....

frostypants2218d ago

A huge part of ND's talent is in artistic design. They understand that there's more to making a game look great than just polygon count. I agree...if they developed a game on a platform close to a current high-end PC, the results would be abso-farking-lutely insane.

Ghost_of_Tsushima2218d ago

Wow that's insane! I couldn't agree more with you though. Uncharted is the graphics king. Naughty Dog will scare me when the get hold of the PS4. Lol

Plagasx2218d ago

Yea, it really is a shame how much consoles are holding back the potential of more great looking PC games...

MaxXAttaxX2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Either PCs "outperform and destroy consoles" or the don't because "consoles are holding PC back". Which is it?

Anyway, I think you should should re-read TheOneYouHate's comment because you missed his point and then take a look at 'frostypants' comment.

It's up to your developers, not ours.

Silver_Faux2217d ago

You hit the nail on the head there mate. For ND to pull out this level of detail on hardware that im constantly reminded by my PC elitist brother is 6 years old is just amazing.

Games like this keep me from blowing cash on a pc beast and stick with my ps3 and piece of shit

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StraightPath2218d ago

wow this will give me an eye candy fix. Technical power of the PS3.

adorie2218d ago

i find it appalling how someone on that website can comment so negatively about this great looking game.

he even has the scrotum to say Naughty Dog "cheated"?
he needs a wake up call in the form of ALL DEVS that are in search of quality, use tricks to get their games looking good.

and someone needs to let him know that the cut-scenes are running on the same engine that is running the game.

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smurfz2218d ago

Amazing visuals. And with such high review scores, this is undoubtedly going to be the best PS3 exclusive I'll play this year, plus a serious GOTY contender.

psb2218d ago

I'm joking, this is perhaps the best looking PS3 exclusive I've ever seen. November 2nd can't come soon enough.

raytraceme2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Nov 1st or us lucky folks

Reborn2218d ago

Same for us ShopTO folks. (Hopefully)

2218d ago
dark-hollow2218d ago

And naughty dog is talented enough to utilize it capabilities.

ninjahunter2218d ago

You do realise that all of these are cutscene pics right? IE: not gameplay

Da_Evil_Monkey2218d ago

All of Uncharted cutscenes are rendered in-engine, so it makes little difference if these are cutscenes or not.

Arnon2218d ago

While Uncharted's cutscenes are rendered in-engine, they are in fact NOT streaming off of the disc. They have been extremely touched up, and are in fact separate video files.

This was confirmed in Uncharted 2, and is easily noticeable when the game moves from in-game to cutscene.

MaxXAttaxX2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Not exactly "touched up". But yeah SOME of the cutscenes are videos.
If they can get cutscenes to look even better, then why not do it. Right?

Since these cutscenes do not require any player input, they can get better visuals(like lighting) from a scene with increased character focus using the same in-game character models and engine used on the PS3.

It still looks fantastic. These are from the multiplayer, for example:
And this is real-time(in-game):
Right from the beginning I thought it was a video cutscene, but it was the actual game. I think the gap has been closed significantly.

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