Will L.A. Noire Coming to Onlive Open The Door For More Rockstar Games Titles? reports: "As we previously reported about OnLive and Rockstar Games possibly allowing their games to be part of the service, this has now been confirmed. L.A. Noire is slated to be released to the cloud gaming service next month and this will be the first game that Rockstar has released to OnLive's system."

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Speed-Racer2489d ago

Definitely man... I'm tired of the console wars. Just can't wait for the day for gaming to be streamlined.

geekmandem2489d ago

Yes, but only if they are also coming to PC.

IllusionRSN2489d ago

Well L.A. Noire is, Max Payne 3 is, all of the GTA's are... It's not like Rockstar leaves PC out! I hope they offer a lot more of Rockstar Games' on the OnLive system.

HardCover2489d ago

They left Red Dead Redemption out.

BattleAxe2489d ago

I'm still hoping they release Red Dead Redemption on PC :(

Sobari2489d ago

Still needs more support. Get Bethesda and Activision on board and then we'll talk.

Sobari2489d ago

EA is already one of OnLive's partners.

geekmandem2489d ago

Basically Bulletstorm right now. They are a partner. But they are not really a massive supporter. Be nice to see Need for Speed, Fifa, Mass Effect etc

Awesome-Xanto2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Yea EA even said they don't think a service like OnLive is the future and that they believe that physical media is still has a place in the market.

Personally if had the choice between console or pc vs OnLive then I would take the pc or console version any day. I really don't see OnLive being more than a service for people who can't afford a console or pc to play games. OnLive has so many disadvantages it's not a service I would ever want to use.

BattleAxe2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Onlive is not a bad service, but streaming games takes alot of bandwidth, and the graphics are not even as good as console because of the low resolution. Bandwidth is the big one though. I've heard that playing a game on Onlive for 6-8 hours can use up to 20 GB, which is way too much.

Personally I think that if they were smart, they would have a download store also, just to give people the option between downloads and streaming.

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