1UP's Top 10 Turkey Games (that didn't live up to their incredible hype)

In honor of this special holiday where we pay tribute to the Pilgrims, Indians, and Leprechauns of yesteryear, 1UP came up with this list of ten turkeys -- games that just didn't live up to their incredible hype. These aren't necessarily bad games -- in fact, most of these are quite good. It's just that, for whatever reason, they fell short of expectations. So after you're done stuffing your fat faces full of food, chew on these!

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UnblessedSoul3924d ago

Theres so many things wrong with this article.

krackchap3924d ago

shenmue2,FF8,and MGS2 roflmao
1down is a joke
hey 1down what about gaylo 2

REbirth3924d ago

stoped reading when i saw mgs2 and ff8 on the list...
its lame...

RadientFlux3924d ago

While I agree with every game on the list (expect for Assassin's Creed which I haven't played yet) was in one form or another a let-down from what the game was hyped to be.

RadientFlux3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

I agree with MGS2 being on the list... I remember being so hyped for MGS2 after playing the demo and only to find that in the full game the story just wasn't up to same quality as MGS and instead of being able to use Snake I was stuck with Raiden for 90% of the game.

MGS2 wasn't a bad game just not at the same level as MGS

mighty_douche3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

yeah far enough, Raiden did suck ass a bit. im just praying they let you use him in MGS4, i want that ninja suit damn it! perhaps not in the main game but at least some sort of mini-game.

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The story is too old to be commented.