Wild Rant: Catwoman limited to 4 small segments in Arkham City

After teasing us with Catwoman gameplay trailers and demos at E3, did Rocksteady and WB deliver on the hype?

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jc485732459d ago

If there's going to be a GOTY, they are going to add more sections for Catwoman. Man, I guess that's some business strategy.

StanLee2458d ago

It's a Batman game. The addition of Catwoman is just a nod to fans. I don't get why there has been so many articles about this.

princejb1342458d ago

i agree is a batman game, but cat woman was awesome to use, she's so agile
the only complaint i have is that she can't climb all the buildings when i wish to do it
mayb is just my game or something

Trenta272458d ago

That's the best comment in regards to the Catwoman thing ever.

The Matrix2458d ago

You're right StanLee but I would have loved to look at Catwoman for more than 2% of the game (I've played 11 hours so far and have played as her for 19 minutes or so)...although it is really hard to hold the controller with one hand.

goukijones2459d ago

We can only imagine what it would be like to move around as Robin throughout the Arkham City. Would he be pole vaulting and flippin'? That would be dope.

BatRastered2458d ago

Too bad he's only for the challenge rooms...

OpiZA2458d ago

Thought it was the prefect amount, she's a cool character, but next to batman's ability to get around much faster, she get's a bit tiresome.

Pintheshadows2458d ago

I really didn't enjoy the Catwoman sections. I felt she was Batman blocking me.

Enigma_20992458d ago

I have to be one of the few people with a penis that really doesn't give a d*** about her.

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