STN: Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One review

STN Writes:

The thing with this series is that there is always a certain little spark gives the games that ‘Awesome’ factor and whether its the lack of full favour cut-scenes or the plot, that fits in with the universe, but doesn’t hang together on its own, something here just doesn’t feel right. Equally, of course, it could be the pure fact that Insomniac pushed out Resistance 3 just over a month ago and now this. One game had to suffer from a lack of full team attention and while there are certain elements in All 4 One that are strong, the question remains as to whether this would have made a better PSP or PSN game, rather than being sent out as a full blown console release.

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potedude2334d ago

Three out of six? Huh? It doesn't say that on the website, who rates something out of six?

Aside from that, might get this when price drops...

rezzah2334d ago

makes it more even than 5 if you're giving single digits only.

rezzah2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

nvm - I just realize that odds have a middle number...wth was i thinking.

potedude2334d ago

lol @ rezzah, I hate it when you write something and then read it after it's posted and think 'doh!