Modern Warfare 3 Quick-Scoping via L118A Sniper Rifle -- Unfair?

Update: The first glimpse of how Quickscoping works on Modern Warfare 3 is now revealed via L118A -- a new bolt-action Sniper Rifle which may ruin the fun for some players.

Should Infinity Ward re-think of banning QS on Modern Warfare 3? Show us in your reactions below.

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DrFUD2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

quick scope is a major part of what got them where they are so any talk of banning it would be like banning climbing from Uncharted

-Mika-2369d ago

Did you really just compare climbing to QS. One is a huge part of uncharted gameplay and the other is an abused trick that was never suppose to be in the game. Im loving all the new things in cod but this has got to go. It just makes the game broken.

ECM0NEY2369d ago

all aim assists need to go

zireno2369d ago


You can turn aim assist off

Caleb_1412369d ago


That's not the point - the idea that you have the option of aim assist is the problem. They .should just remove it completely

dillydadally2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

@ECM0NEY and @Caleb_141

You guys completely don't understand what you're talking about.  You think that because the PC has no aim assist, consoles shouldn't either. Aim assist has been in EVERY FPS on consoles since Halo 1 - EVERY ONE.  This is because its nearly impossible to aim with a controller without it - you just normally don't even know it's going on.  (As an experiment, try loading up a Halo game where everyone is on the same team and team kill each other and you'll see what I mean) Perhaps what you are meaning to say is lessen it, make it less obvious, or remove the snap to target feature when you aim down sights.  However, the vast majority of people like CoD because its aiming feels so tight and would likely be upset if they messed with the tight controls.

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Jijoro2369d ago

ECM0NEY I don't think they should take it off competely because aim assist actually doesn't help in fact it makes it handicaps you. If you want an example play Halo Reach Firefight and then play ODST firefight. I bet your aiming is better on Reach that's because ODST has more aim assist. Aim Assist sucks don't use it you'll gain an advantage over players that do.

linaavec2368d ago

sadly, we can't all agree that QS is a "significant" part of Battlefield.

Grandclover2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Quick Scoping in MW2 was a joke and it will be the same thing in MW3. It is a cheat. putting a guy in the middle of my screen semi zooming in and shooting, hitting my opponent once and killing him without a headshot is just cheap and annoying. Doing it shows zero skill, i suck at sniping in almost every game i have ever played but not MW2, after getting owned in that manner enough i gave it a shot and it took about three games to get a real feel for it and once i did it was a massacre that i honestly didn't even enjoy. I mean after awhile it just felt cheap. The only people who don't think so are the ones who do it for there k/d ratio and bragging rights. But again that is not skill, ive watched friends snipe in black ops and when you have the touch that is skill.

PS if you have to ask if it's cheating chances are it is. When something dosn't feel quite right it usually isn't.

linaavec2369d ago

Spot on, that's my perception with QS as well. Though the only thing I wonder is, if Infinity Ward will do something to undone this decision?

Hopefully, the game won't end up like MW2 plague with hacks and cheats.

BALLARD322369d ago

Absolutely right. Nothing more than an exploit. It is part of why I have given up on call of Duty. When Treyarch patched the game to put quickscoping back in, I lost hope for the series. Now Infinity Ward is promoting it too. Sheesh.

dredgewalker2369d ago

It's a feature I hate, I know I can learn it but I just simply refuse since it is cheating and takes the skill out of the game. A person who resorts to cheating is a loser in real life.

zeddy2369d ago

looks exactly like mw2's qs system, they should have used black ops system l96 which was not too easy and not too hard. but it looks like mw3 is targeting the kiddie audience since they love this stuff.

SOD_Delta2369d ago

I think they (IW) should just let people use iron-sights for the sniper rifles. I think that would maybe get rid of QS. I do enjoy QSing but only in private matches.

Or they should restrict QSing to QS only matches. I thought IW said they were going tO have a dedicated QS mode for MW3 or I'm I just mistaken?

Septic2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )


Quick-scoping is a joke and strikes at the heart of competitive play. It is nothing more than an exploit where the auto-aim does the work for you.

On MW2, you don't even see the enemies in the scope- all you see is the blackouter edges and death. Is this really how a sniper is supposed to be used?

Only children want this feature and the proof is in the thousands of nasally sounding "message to all recent players, hosting quick scope lobby" messages I get over Xbox Live.

Bringing back QS'ing is proof of how IW are desperate to cater for all these kids. Treyarch said it was nonsense (and then managed to screw up sniping) and now IW backtrack on this (although they probably have just copy and pasted the same mechanics from MW2).

Its actually a joke and one of the many reasons I can't take MW3 seriously at all. Next they'll be telling us painkiller is back...

And to be honeset- quickscopers are easy kills- they usually have s**t k/d ratios anyway but the fact that the auto-aim is so imbalanced on a weapon such as a sniper rifle just doesn't make sense.

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SOD_Delta2369d ago

It's annoying dying by it, but 90% people who do this are free kills in my books, so it doesn't bother me. I do however hate when my teammates do it on S&D.

csreynolds2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Quick-scoping = cheap. I too got frustrated by players exploiting the QS in MW2, so I learned how to do it. Took me an hour. It doesn't guarantee you a kill every time, granted, but it's ridiculous how players can raise a rifle and fire in a straight line before the lens even reaches their eye - it's hard enough to fire a real rifle straight when it's steadied.

Oh, and as a side note, to all the Barrett-spammers out there; learn how to snipe. Hip-firing a rifle hoping for kills? Seriously, it's embarrassing...

csreynolds2369d ago

I'm willing to bet the people who've disagreed with my comment are themselves Barrett-spammers... :-P

retrofly2369d ago

i get killed by AR's and SMG's more than Snipers, infact its easy to kill a quickscoper, so meh.

Look at your avarage QS'er score, always in the nagtive kd/r.

Shackdaddy8362369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Ya but it's annoying when you do die from it... Like I can accept being killed by a throwing knife but I rage hard when I get killed by a GSer


true, it does not stop it being annoying though. I usually find a can drop them faster with my fammas then they can drop me but when you got a whole team all running around in sniper suites trying to quickscope it just makes the whole game feel like a joke.

all the more reason I will prob give MW3 a miss this year.

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