Mark Hamill is "a dirty liar" says Rocksteady

Mark Hamill, a classic voice of the joker in not only Batman: Arkham City, but countless other Batman series, recently announced his retirement. However, the narrative developer of Rocksteady, Paul Crocker, calls Mark Hamill “a dirty liar” for his recent statements, saying:

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BakedGoods2605d ago

"There are two things about Mark Hamill you need to know; one is that he’s a dirty liar."

Well what's the second thing? He's Luke Skywalker?

dark-hollow2605d ago

"He's a dirty liar"

Then he fits the joker character just perfectly :p

darthv722605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

he is just trying to play it off so people will think the series is over. Then another big game comes out with himself playing the Joker. He also did the voice for the cartoon series and I never knew he was as versed as he is.

At least he was somewhat able to get out of being typecast as Luke skywalker for the rest of his life. Carrie fisher isnt so luck and Harrison ford at least has cred as indiana jones and jack ryan to name a few.

Then again....luke did lie to 3PO about using his powers over the ewoks in ROTJ...hmmmm

Godmars2902605d ago

And as we all know, Jedi are consummate liars.

Ben with Vader and Luke. Qui-gon and the whole thing with the chariot race. Hell, the man was lying his ass off all though Phantom Menace.

How are Jedi the good guys given how much they lie?

kaveti66162605d ago

They don't lie.

They omit information.

SilentNegotiator2605d ago

"This is not the voice actor you're looking for"

Grip2605d ago

well he doesn't need to tell u he will retirement. that's his business not yours.

MasterD9192605d ago

Honestly...he should always be doing voice-overs at this point.

He is talented and people don't really want to see Luke Skywalker on camera playing cheesy alternate roles don't see why he wouldn't do another Batman game again.

Hope they do Batman: Gotham City or something.

squallheart2605d ago

Cockknocker! Gotta love mark hamill

Parasyte2605d ago

Thank you! I'm glad somebody else loved that movie other than me!

masa20092605d ago

How to get easy hits?

Step 1: Take comments that were obviously uttered in good fun and include them in a straightforward manner in the title of your article.

Step 2: Take advantage of N4G's low editorial standards to get your news posted on there, and stir a little controversy.

Step 3: Repeat every day and watch fanboys bite.

SageHonor2605d ago

Yeah and the worse part is these articles bring out the worse in people lol.. Stupid quotes taken out of conetext.

Fez2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Just to note: 'worst' has a t at the end. It's one of those annoying internet words that loads of people spell wrong. Like 'dose' instead of 'does'. Annoyingly, I see them all the time!

DeleteThisxx2605d ago


You totally didn't hit space twice after your periods. Just one of those annoying things I see on the internet all the time!


I kid, I kid.

seinfan2605d ago

How about "looser" for loser?
Or "retarted" for retarded?

These aren't just typos. It's how some people actually spell these words and it's pretty funny.

SageHonor2605d ago

Oh Im sorry. I didnt know this was the SAT

Fez2605d ago

You can thank me when you get a job. If you already have a job... how?

DeleteThisxx2605d ago

Sorry, Fez. I have to call you out again. I believe the PROPER way of phrasing your comment would be: "You can thank me when you get a job. If you already have a job,* how?"

No need to keep hopping on the grammar train on N4G, friend. I'm sure there are plenty of people in the world who are more than capable of writing properly but choose not to when on the internet.

Have some fun and don't worry about the way other people choose to spell/write. It's their preference.

In regards to your job comment, nice fall back. It must suck knowing that the only rebuttal you can possibly fall back on is "ARGH, BAD GRAMMAR! YOU MUST NOT HAVE A JOB!" Grow up, man.

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raWfodog2605d ago

For real, it sounds like the author is trying to start some drama. I honestly can't see Crocker seriously calling Hamill a 'dirty liar' without it being tongue-in-cheek...unless their was some behind-the-scenes drama that we don't know about.

Pozzle2605d ago

Yeah, it sounds like they meant "dirty liar" in a joking way. Sort of like how you insult your friends, but don't really mean it. I can't imagine Mark Hamill would be a very difficult guy to work with. He just seems really fun as nice, from what I've seen of him.

Gigglefist2605d ago

This is only half an article lol
Anyway, it barely makes sense. He's a dirty liar for saying he doesn't want to do any more voice acting? Until he goes against this, he's not a liar.

MasterCornholio2605d ago

That's why he is great as the joker.


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