Skyrim is coming: looking back on Oblivion

Baden of Wolfsgamingblog writes: "In just a few long weeks I’m going to either physically explode or start frothing at the mouth before attacking random strangers and running in circles. The reason for this strange behavior, well, slightly stranger than normal, is the release of the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series. It goes by the name Skyrim, and you may very have heard of it. In fact it’s hard to believe that it has been five years since the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was released and stole my heart. I know, that’s a dramatic sentence, but it’s a true one. Oblivion has stolen several hundred hours of my life in those five years, which is a terrifying statistic when you stop and think about it. It had flaws, many of them, but there was something truly amazing about it. So here’s my rose-tinted view of Oblivion."

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MasterCornholio2488d ago

Ah yes great memories of running.g around naked as a Dunmer and using a horse as a portable luggage carrier. Good days indeed.


kma2k2488d ago

Man,i spent way to many hours playing that game, & i probably will spend way to many hours playing skyrim lol. I do have to admit it though, i played oblivion for well over 150 hours, but never got around to finishing the main quest. I kinda gave up on that quest. Pretty sad i know. I tried getting back into it a few weeks back but there are just so many games out right now i dont know when ill ever finish it.

WolfLeBlack2488d ago

To be honest you weren't missing that much by not finishing the singleplayer, though the armor was worth it.

ScubaSteve12488d ago

one word the adoring fan, and so many ways to kill him

Angrymorgan2488d ago

Lol, the ice cream hairdo guy. I loved kicking his skinny little smurf looking ass all over the map.... Good times :)

WolfLeBlack2488d ago

I personally enjoyed leading him into various caves filled with horrors and leaving him there. Poor bugger