8 Minutes of New Uncharted 3 Marketplace Singleplayer Gameplay.

Dualshock Nexus: **This video may contain spoilers**. Watch at your own caution. Uncharted 3 is only 1 week away from hitting the store shelves and new footage is popping up everyday. In this 8 minute video you are shown marketplace gameplay taking place in what appears to be Yemen. Not too much information about the story is given away here. If you've been itching to see new direct gameplay check out the video below.

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ArmGunar2399d ago

I don't watch, not feel like spoiling me ^^

dark-hollow2399d ago ShowReplies(3)
aceitman2399d ago

it surpasses un2 graphics and motion . i thought they can do it but not by that much . its like un 1 to un2 the leap in graphics is amazing . hats off to nd. i thank u for such great games . from crash to un3 .

omi25p2399d ago

It looks amazing. But one little nit pick ive got. (I really mean little) I cant understand why Drake touches everything he walks past.

Not that its that big of a deal im just wondering

Elimin82399d ago

Gaming Orgasm at out's finest?!

dark-hollow2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Why the hell my comment is "trolling"???

praising uncharted is forbidden now, n4g???

What I meant with the old hardware is that it is impressive that they can push the graphics so high on 5 years old hardware.

Is that a crime? Smh.

kikizoo2399d ago

"old" but much powerfull than the competition in 2006 (used for supercomputers = to 46 pentium 4 terraflops !! not a single 2006/7 can compete), so you can have that kind of graphic in 2011.

TheKindRoost2399d ago

no major spoiler(imo), more like a highlight of the improved melee combat which was awesome.

ArmGunar2399d ago

For me, spoiler is when I watch new environments of a game and new gameplay :P

brettyd2399d ago

i want to go into this game without seeing anything, only video i watched was the cruise ship. Cant wait to be blown away.

Jonah_Reese2399d ago

I know what you mean but I know that when you actually play it and that camera pans out to reveal a ridiculously beautiful set piece you'll think "Wow, those videos showed me nothing."

Convas2399d ago

Dammit NO! It's just a week away GAHH. I just got my copy of BF3, I'm going to take it like a man and wait.

BUT that thumbnail look so pretty X( arrrghgggg.

Godmars2902399d ago

Wanna say Elaina's far too comfortable with the whole underground and black-market thing, but then she is a reporter.

And its still wrong.

NealCaffrey2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Is it just me or does Elaina look a little Asian now?

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The story is too old to be commented.