Techradar: Facebook has 'more gamers than Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony combined'

Kate Solomon: Facebook has been talking social gaming at the London leg of its developer conference, F8, today, claiming that it has more gamers than the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo platforms combined.

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Pikajew2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Lots of those are flash game you can play anywhere on the internet, so they dont count.

evrfighter2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

So now the group of chicks that plays words with friends or sims and goes bar hopping and running around town to check in everywhere, while posting duckface pics at every stop supports the industry like the group of gamers that play on xbox, ps3, and steam. just gonna stop there

SilentNegotiator2221d ago

Considering how much private information you sign away when you play these "free" games......I'd say it's closer than one might think. I'm sure the revenue made is pretty delicious.

FragGen2220d ago

Calling people who play games on Facebook "gamers" is like calling people who play puttputt "golfers".

Titanz2221d ago

Hardcore gamers matter, but the casual market can't be denied.

PirateThom2221d ago

Yes, but, the casual gamers can play games for free on Facebook or even their phones, doesn't mean they're going to buy consoles.

KingSlayer2221d ago

Facebook games are garbage. Be proud you have more FB, be proud.

slutface2221d ago

But the casual market is really fickle as evident by the severe back lash of Nintendo's new console and devastating decline of Wii sales....hardcore market is what drives the business and keeps it thriving

negative2221d ago

Of course Wii sales are going to decline. They've sold an obscene amount of them already. That goes with anything. They can only sell so many Wii's. I'd like to agree with you but sorry it's not just the hardcore market that keeps the industry going.

slutface2221d ago

Well we will see once Nintendo's doomed Wii U comes out lolz....Xbox and PS will always have legs to stand on because they keep a healthy balance between the hardcore and casual market

ronin4life2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Well said. , blueshirt.

gamingdroid2221d ago

Actually, at this rate the "hardcore" gamer will be a niche.

smashcrashbash2221d ago

'I have more apples then you'
"But more then half your apples are rotten'
'So what? I still have more. So there.'

Keith Olbermann2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Awesome. You hit the nail right on the head.

NeoBasch2221d ago

They can have 'em. If these games were offered at retail, I doubt they'd sell near as well. Part of the appeal of these games is that they're free. They hook the casuals with the "free" bull$hit and then milk them for everything they got through their farming features and shortcuts.

Besides, I doubt any of 'em make more than Modern Warfare. Activision also knows how to milk their audience. This is why I refuse to support such a medium. Milking an audience only brings out the worst in gamers. These IPs act as drugs to the populace, fueling an addiction that can only be sated with more of the same: a poor recipe for innovation in game design.

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The story is too old to be commented.