10 Over-Hyped Video Games that Disappeared Too Quickly

George Reith writes: "Hype is the silent killer of the game’s industry, sending many promising titles to an early and undeserved grave, all because they weren’t quite as exciting as people thought they’d be. It’s this expectation that often follows around undeserving titles that makes them seem so disappointing, but some of these over-hyped titles deserved a bit more of a chance. Follow us as we journey through ten over-hyped games that disappeared too quickly."

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Godmars2902338d ago

This list makes no sense. At least with Shenmue 2 and FF8 on it.

BinaryMind2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Yes, and PoP: Forgotten Sands was overhyped? If anything ir wasn't given enough coverage. I never even heard of Forgotten Sands before it was released. I thought they just threw that together to release with the movie.

Also, ODST clearly had Halo "3" in the title. No expected it to be a main-entry game. FFVIII's inclusion is just laughable. People still play that and I seem to see more supporters for that than FFVII these days.

StraightPath2338d ago

I agree, black sheep of Final Fantasy?! Final Fantasy 8? Is this a joke article? FF8 was amazing!

tickticktick2338d ago

ODST was great but should have been DLC and not a full priced game. Shadowrun still has lots of pro gamers playing it. When did Prince of Persia get a lot of hype? Prey didn't disappear there is a sequel coming out for the surprise hit.

bad list is bad

StanLee2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

ODST had great content, more content than games released today. A 5 to 7 hour campaign, cooperative campaign and campaign scoring, Firefight cooperative multiplayer, access to Halo 3 multiplayer with all the multiplayer maps and access to Halo Reach's beta. How many games today offer than much content? And, the single player was actually freaking fantastic and engaging. Arguably one of the best in the franchise.

Psychonaughty2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Agreed, although it was more a 15-20 hour game, if you rushed right through sure it was 5-7 but if you did all of the side missions and explored every nook and cranny it was a big game with excellent music, a fine story with great characters (better then Reach's) and a unique mp.

Sooooooo underrrated.

Hicken2338d ago

I don't remember hype of half of these games, like Prince of Persia, for example.

And having FFVIII at the top of the list is just ignorant. Then again, this IS gamingbolt...

sickshot692338d ago

Halo ODST was not worth spending money on

Sugreev20012338d ago

Lol Prey was a surprising hit,which is why there is a sequel on the way.Halo:ODST was nothing but a conniving cash grab from Microsoft and deserved to be forgotten.Bulletstorm is the only real forgotten game that had a huge level of hype.

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