Your Best Camouflage Deployment in Battlefield 3

Update: As the full list of camouflage sets were unlocked on Battlefield 3, one player shows why the Woodland Camo at rank 3 is one of the best deployment when used on a recon class unit.

So what’s your favorite camouflage get-up on BF3 to make it harder for enemies on finding you? Show us in your comments below.

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swishersweets200312461d ago

It would of been nice to be able to change the colors of your guy during the multiplayer game. Would like to change how i look after each map changes or anytime i feel like it instead of quiting and going into the main menu to change all that.

Kyosuke_Sanada2461d ago

Only one color I'd love to sport on Battlefield 3 for my soldier and that's Spetznaz Gorod pattern.....

[Mother Russia all the way! XD]