Battlefield 3 Ultra Setting 1080P PC Gameplay Is Incredible

With Battlefield 3 launching in North America today, players have been enjoying the DICE-developed shooter on their maxed-out heavily-upgraded PC systems.

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john22402d ago

This is why I got the PC version

nycredude2402d ago

We we get this game maxed out with just one GTX 580 or one 5870?

reynod2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Depends what res you want to max this out at, 1920* 1080 or 2560*1600 or maybe 5760*1080.

PC is the ultimate gaming machine :P

frostypants2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Correction: PC *can* be the ultimate gaming machine. Depends on the rig. Otherwise, it's like saying "cars are the ultimate driving machine". Kinda depends on the car in question.

ABizzel12402d ago

All I can say is WOW.

It's time for a new PC.

FanboyPunisher2402d ago

If you cant afford a 560 ti/ 570 or even a 580. Also if you cant figure out how to overclock then I guess you'll be one of the ignorant people stuck paying thousdans for a 'high end system' while overclocking will allow you to match systems such as..

920 @ 4.0 saves you about 500 buying the mid-high end I7 system; and is very comparable.

You can OC a 560 TI so it = GTX 570 can be OC to match a GTX 580; or very close.

So it isnt that it costs alot of money to enjoy games on high-ultra, its just the brain of the person using the system and what they've done to achieve said performance.

PC's let you think, and dont hold your hand along the way..well that is if you dont buy premades and spend thousands of extra dollars that you may not of needed.

BF3 looks good in SP, that is all.

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ATi_Elite2402d ago

My eyes are red and I'm exhausted as I've been playing BF3 MP non stop since midnight!

Let me tell you I've been gaming on 3 monitors at 5760 x 1080p on Ultra and a little bit on 2560 x 1600p on Ultra and BF3 is the best looking game EVER!

It totally Smokes Crysis 2 DX11 + high Textures. There are many parts of the game when in motion that it just flat out looks real.

I've been mostly playing Karkand, Firestorm, and Caspian border and let me tell you Karkand looks friggin real at times.

if you have a chance to witness BF3 in all it's glory you will be left speechless.

chak_2401d ago

except there is not karkand.

Could be kargh.

superrey192402d ago

This game is seriously breathtaking. The graphics (on high/ultra for me) and sound/music on a 5.1 surround sound setup have raised the bar high my friends.

jazzking20012402d ago

Stunning. Can't wait to try out the multiplayer mode.

shodaime2402d ago

WOW this is incredible! Probably best shooter PC games then COD

-Mika-2402d ago

I hate watching streaming hd videos. I have to see it with my own eyes.

psb2402d ago

better looking than Crysis 2?

JsonHenry2402d ago

I think so. I have C2 with the DX11+Hirez texture pack and I think BF3 looks better at maxed settings. Mostly because of the lighting though I think.

jony_dols2402d ago

Imagine after a year or so, after the mod community push the graphical barrier into the stratosphere. what this will look like.

Just look how much the original Crysis's graphics have been improved since it's initial release.

ElDorado2402d ago

I don't think so. People are forgetting how amazing Crysis 2's graphics are. The only game with better graphics is it's predecessor which is STILL the king after all these years. Crysis 2 was not that great of a game, but the graphics are amazing. Battlefield 3 is better than Crysis 2, but not when it comes to graphics imo.

kutocer2402d ago

Sorry dude but this blows Crysis 2 right out of the water, I'm prob about half way through the SP and the FX it's almost like watching a CGI movie they are that good. MP is something else as well and been loving every moment of it.

pctrollv42402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

ppl also dont forget that crysis 2 is made with a limited engine made for consoles called the cryengine 3 that uses cheats and shortcuts to look pretty, when in reality crysis 2 is not better looking than crysis 1. BF3 blows crysis 2 out of the water, not only cause it does, but because forstbite2 is a much better engine.

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