EA's internationally award-winning Battlefield 3 begins its assault on retail worldwide

The entertainment event of the year has arrived. DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, today announced that Battlefield 3, winner of over 60 industry awards worldwide, is now available at retail stores in North America.

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chidori6662457d ago

cross fingers for BF3 sell more than mw3 crap.

iamnsuperman2457d ago

Why. Should it really matter as long as you have enough people to play with.

Xalaris2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Not exactly realistic to think that way, since the fanbase for MW3 wins by a long shot. Honestly though, I think it would be better for BF3 to be outsold. I mean, you can't say that it's going to fail in terms of sales considering there were more than a million pre-orders, but you should take into account that fame and success corrupt most developer/publishers (glady Naughty Dog isn't one of them, just felt I should throw that in). My theory is the following: In the event of BF3 actually managing to outsell MW3, EA might resort to milking the franchise and perhaps rushing potential sequels. I'm aware of DICE stating that they wouldn't throw in a Battlefield game in less than a year or two, but that could affect the relationship they have with EA if they're really dedicated to bathing in BF3's success. In other ways, though, I personally wouldn't give a shit if BF3 were to be outsold. Frankly, there would be less kids to be playing with and less shit-talking to be heard.

In the end though, I guess no one should really worry about this.
Sales have never equaled quality.

ndl15312457d ago

yea agreed its looking good for bf3 at the moment and as long as it has great sales it means good things for dice . i really dont give a rats a$$ if it "dethrones " cod . let those F*ckin $hit talking imature idiot retards stay playing cod . dont want none of that $hit going on in bf3

LackTrue4K2457d ago

-_-" dose i matter?! look, Battlefield 3 got my money. dose not change much, i have to wait now for my killzone 3 clan members to get the game. and enjoy it that much more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pikajew2457d ago

What awards did it win? Great review scores=/=awards

Hufandpuf2457d ago

Over 80 awards at game trade shows. E3, gamescon, etc.

Xalaris2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I'm sure maybe E3 has something to do with it...

Pikajew2457d ago

Why would I be mad? I wasnt planing on buying it and I didnt hate it.(I dont like military shooters)

younglj012457d ago

Wow game of the year award giving out already damn didnt know that...But I guess congrats.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2457d ago

It would be nice to play online for the 360 if they weren't such ass hats.

thehitman2457d ago

With Batman/UC/BF releasing before CoD I am really hoping that CoD doesnt get the same sales as the past and ppl stop buying that same and getting worse crap. Awesome games deserve sales, not rehash bandwagon games.