Blizzard Admits WoW Annual Pass is to Prevent Diablo III from Cannibalizing Player Base

GR - "Blizzard COO Paul Sams says that its offering of Diablo III for free to the World of Warcraft fanbase (in exchange for a 12-month continued subscription, of course) is a way for the company to show its gratitude towards its loyal player base—and to prevent it from cannibalizing the existing player base."

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Perjoss2459d ago

Its a smart move, they even included a deal for people that want to buy the expensive edition of Diablo III.

sashimi2459d ago

Yeah $15 monthly for wow > $60/$100 for D3 as they say

_LarZen_2459d ago

Diablo 3 aint the only game that could cannibalize WoW in the coming I take this statement with a pinch of salt.

Letros2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

There's not much Blizzard can do about those other games besides keep WoW interesting. This is a direct concern that WoW-only PC gamers(they exist) will express interest in D3(as its made by Blizz), and then just quit WoW for a long period of time, so they would actually be losing total income by releasing D3.

Anarki2459d ago

I think WoW will be fine until the end of MoP

Karlnag32459d ago

WoW Annual Pass...? I thought that was called the "Please don't go to The Old Republic and/or Guild Wars 2 campaign!" Hrmmm