Batman: Arkham City sells 2 Million Copies in First Week

In the first week of sales of the latest game of the Batman series, Batman: Arkham City has sold 2 million copies out of the 4.2 million of the total copies that had been shipped.

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ATi_Elite2400d ago

See I just left an article where people were all up and in a rage about pirating!

If you make a good game it will sell and you will make lots of MONEY!!!!

Congrats to Rocksteady and all their hard work is paying off cause B:AC look great!!!

Spenok2400d ago

Very true, but imagine how well this game (and many before it, and soon to be after it) would sell if pirating didnt exist. I can imagine it would have been at least 15% more sales launch week, and at least 25% more sales over the lifetime of the product.

Though you are right about how if a game is good, (and has the right marketing) it will sell and ultimately make lots of money. Though i can think of plenty of games that were good or great that didnt sell nearly well enough, but thats for many other various reasons.

TruVision2400d ago

Still gotta get my copy..

Spenok2400d ago

I got mine day one, but didnt start playing until 2 nights ago... its amazing. If you plan to buy it, do it asap. Absolutly worth it.

Silly gameAr2400d ago

Damn near everyone on my list is playing this game. I feel sorta left out.

Getowned2400d ago

I know what you mean.I pre-ordered mine from amazon but they have some stupid delay or some thing and it's not even shipped yet...-___- normaly amazon is awesome but this sucks.I'm feeling soo left out :( even tho I pre-ordered D:

KwietStorm2400d ago

Really? When did you pre order? I got mine release day. I ordered either late August or September.

Getowned2400d ago

early october,I don't get same day for pre-orders on my Amazon though.but normaly every thing comes in 2-3 days and it's been almost a week and it hasnt shiped :(..but I still love amazon the books I ordered on monday will behere on friday -_- BUT WHERES MAH GAME!!!!

omi25p2400d ago

So far its my GOTY. But there is still SKYRIM

brish2400d ago

I'm hoping Dark Souls gets game of the year but I doubt it will happen.

KwietStorm2400d ago

Yea that's not happening. They deserve more recognition though.

Laxman2400d ago

You know there is no one definitive 'game of the year'? More than one game can win an award like that, becuase nearly every single publication does its own GOTY Awards, with all staff feeling differently about different games and giving awards to different ones. GOTY isnt a fact or anything, its s group of peoples collective opinions usually based on a voting system.

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The story is too old to be commented.