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Ren_2375d ago

I should have no problem playing on Ultra then :)

slayorofgods2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

This game is more processor and memory and less graphics card.

Well at least this means I can continue to put off upgrading my hd 5770, this card might very well last until the ps4 and 720 are released (minus the occasional Battlefield 3 type games).

@ dissagrees. Did I miss something, does a ati hd 5770 graphics card with a AMD quad core processor 3.0g and 4gb of memory not allow me to play this game on Ultra?

IrishAssa2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Will a 5770 allow you to ultra? Is a 4890 not better? I know nothing of Pc's honestly but...nvidia 9600 <<< 8800...

Still though that might just be me assuming it is the same as Nvidia

Edit---After a quick search on seems I am right, he 4890 is better so no, you're looking at medium to high settings..

Also a quad core recommended isn't anything really...the game still looks at the GPU for it all. It seems any quad core will do for this since they ain't specifying anything in particular.

slayorofgods2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I googled as well you are right there is a very slight edge, but not a huge one. I'm not sure if it can get the recommended specs or not, but I think it can do quite well. Witcher 2 also played well with the 5770, a game that is heavy in using processor and memory.

Still these games use much less of the gpu compared to battlefield 3 that makes my pc get low settings.

Autodidactdystopia2375d ago

Pretty much any graphics card meant for gaming in the last say i dunno 6 years you should be fine, because it will also run on consoles and theres no real talk about bethesda blowing the doors off the pc version.

IaMs122375d ago

I have a HD 5770 as well i can i run Crysis high/maxed, Bad Co 2 maxed everything. Im pretty sure, it can handle Skyrim just fine, maybe no AA or not cranked all the way but it will run it at least on high.

You would be surprised with this card, able to play Metro 2033 on high as well.

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ATi_Elite2375d ago

No DX10 or DX11 Features?

that's very upsetting but hopefully modders will bring out high texture graphics mods.

ARTISAN2375d ago

wait so do you think i could play it
core i3 dual core @ 3.2 GHz
and hd 5670 with 512 mb
4 gb memory would that do?

megacowdung2375d ago

Yeah me too. I was surprised by how u only need 6gb of hdd free. I thought it would take WAAAAAYYYY more.

Saruman2375d ago

My GTX 580 Mordor Edition shall slay this game with ease!

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NYC_Gamer2375d ago

wow,i guess they haven't heard about dx11?

MAJ0R2375d ago

I guess they were too busy working on the console version -_-

NukaCola2375d ago

This game looks great and has a look that says "Hey I am not going to melt your PC, but at the same time I will melt you effing mind!"

Ren_2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

DirextX 11 was not released until near the end of 2009 and I am guessing this game was well into development by then.

May just have proven too time-consuming to update the code?

DirectX 10 was released sometime around the end of 2006 but was plagued with driver problems. This may have been why they opted for DirectX 9?

Only guessing though.

Edit: I see from the comment below by superfranky that I am mistaken about them not using DirectX 11 :)

limewax2375d ago

Actually it is DirectX 11 compatible, Just it doesn't utilize any of the features of DirectX11 (or 10 I believe)

But anyone in DX11 should be getting really good performance. I admit I would have at least liked some tessellation

IrishAssa2375d ago

I could probably Medium this without upgrade, for recommended I need €150...lovely

A-Glorious-Dawn2375d ago

lol my PC will overkill this.....

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superfranky2375d ago

They are using dx11, but only for optimization. Its great actually

JsonHenry2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Yeah, it does have a benefit of being DX11 when it comes to the actual code. But having advanced lighting effects and tesselation would have been awesome too.

Oh well, maybe next time around. The game still looks good and the gameplay looks like a step above the previous games.

I think that the Witcher 2 is one of the best looking games around and it is only DX9. So not too much stock should be put into DX11 I suppose.

However, looks like I will be playing this game on Ultra at least. :)

bub162375d ago

only requirement I need is a console, I do prefer to game on pc but its so expensive to keep up to date and worrying that when a new game comes out if I will have to buy new hardware aswell

capcock2375d ago

congratz! BUB16
you won the "ignorant gamer of the day" award! :D

bub162375d ago

say what you want but its true. I cant afford the new hardware so I have to settle with a console! If I had the money to buy a gaming pc and keep upgrading it I would! disagree with me all you want but you know its true!!!

NYC_Gamer2375d ago

that is pure myth,you don't have to upgrade your hardware every time a new part comes along....many PC gamers, are still using cards and etc that are years old and maxing out most games...

kramun2375d ago

Why should we care bub?

MaxMurdoch2375d ago

@bub16 you are wrong. I wrote an article on it, go and read.


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GiggMan2375d ago

Good my laptop should be fine.

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