Marooners' Rock Review: PAYDAY: The Heist (PSN)

Chris G writes: "When I first learned I would be reviewing Payday: The Heist dreams filled my head of breaking into gas stations to snatch wonderful peanut candies. While the reality of what I reviewed was not as pleasant and had even less story, it does have some redeeming qualities none-the-less. But first, the less appealing parts of this download only title."

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guitarded772341d ago

Reviewer must not have any friends, because with friends in co-op this game is all kinds of fun.

2341d ago
MaroonersRock2341d ago

He does make mention of the co-op with real people being a good experience compared to the single player experience, actually.

newleaf2341d ago

Many reviewers must not have friends since 7 is pretty much what this game is averaging