Where Will Grand Theft Auto Go Next?

Tribune writes: "Although Rockstar only announced Grand Theft Auto 5 hours ago, the internet is already flooded with rumours, speculation and outright lies about what we can expect from the game. At this point, it’s safest to assume nothing, as Rockstar have offered no details whatsoever.

Of course, there was that leaked casting call sheet for a project titled “Rush” that hit the internet a few months ago, but many seemed to think it was actually a casting sheet for GTA V. The character descriptions certainly seem fit in with the typical GTA archtypes. Along with the casting sheet, there were heavy links to the game being set in Hollywood, which would certainly fit with the characters described."

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Cinotix2458d ago

I really hope it stays out of America, too many have been done in this country and it would be nice for a change to go to Central America or possibly Australia. We'll have to see where they go but it would be cool out of this countrty.

Ziriux2458d ago

No way, keep it in the US the way it's been.

kza2458d ago

U dont remember GTA LONDON then??

CloseSecond2458d ago

Keep in the US but have some of the story take you off shore.

GCO Gamer2458d ago

It would be interesting to see if the make a Grand Theft Auto Washington game because it could center on political corruption.

Ziriux2458d ago

You know that is not a bad idea good sir. It would be perfect, put down Illinoi's too because Blagojevic would be perfect since their from the same country.

Cinotix2458d ago

There are many more corrupted states than just Washington DC, than you could have GTA last a life time as a franchise.

ThatGuyInTheHat2458d ago

Never been much for sandbox games, but whatever. As long as the GTA fans are happy, I guess that's really all that matters.

Cinotix2458d ago

Yup, and that is why it'll always sell over 500 million in revenue.

NIRVANArazor2458d ago

So umm i have a question.. why did you post in here? i mean what? really. I know what you said wasnt mean. but idk. its just odd its like going on youtube to a video you hate or dont like and saying. I dont like it. but whatever.

ThatGuyInTheHat2449d ago

Dude...wait..what? Since when is it not allowed to express one's opinions? I guess I should tell you that the Nazi Regime is gone, okay? So, relax.

gameseveryday2458d ago

I think GTA 5 should return to Liberty City.

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The story is too old to be commented.