Top Five Horror Game Picks

GP blogger, Liztress writes, "Halloween, the one day out of the year where wearing a costume doesn't result in strangers inching away from you with questioning looks of your sanity, is right around the corner. Many go to parties, rob candy from babies, and/or hold all-night horror movie marathons. While there are plenty of options of scary games for gamers to play on this night of terror, there are but so many hours in the day. So instead of offering what to play on this Halloween, I'm going to give my top five suggestions of frighteningly great games to play this season. Most of these are actually the series as it's hard to choose just one of the titles in them."

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acemonkey2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

nice list why wasnt dead space there? or left 4 dead?

Blacktric2484d ago

Left 4 Dead isn't wildly considered as a horror game and Dead Space is just filled with cheap jump scares that you get used to after playing it for a while. All of those games listed there, including Resident Evil (especially 2-3), has variety of scary moments in them and that's why they're on that list if you ask me. And don't forget that it's just an opinion piece.