Review: Hyperkin PowerPlus Battery Extender for 3DS [The Gaming Vault]

Coming at you from Hyperkin is a direct competitor to Nyko’s Power Pak + for the 3DS—the Hyperkin PowerPlus battery.

Does this little guy pack enough of a wallop to make you think twice about going with the Nyko peripheral?

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Desert Turtle2461d ago

Never had problems with the battery tbh, I usually play next to a power outlet anyway.

Canary2461d ago

Me too.

I think most people with handheld games do, and would even if the batteries were better.

And to think: there are still so many fanboys here who think portable gaming is still a thing.

RoboSpiff2461d ago

Yeah, my handheld gaming usually is short so I hardly worry, but its good to see option available.

RoboRyan2461d ago

Although I wouldn't use it often, the option to extend battery life is a great idea. Nothing worse than being away from an outlet and realizing your handheld device only has a few minutes of battery life left.