Medal of Honor sequel teased by EA and Danger Close

XMNR: Thanks to a patch appearing in the cases for Battlefield 3, we know that a new Medal of Honor game is on the way. Electronic Arts and Danger Close began teasing the game even further on Tuesday.

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blumatt2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Yep, unlike some other people, I actually quite enjoyed Medal of Honor. Sure, it had its technical issues, but the story and gameplay seemed very authentic and realistic. Color my interest piqued for this game.

I just hope there's more multiplayer maps on the next one. The online was fun, just limited in map choice.

tdogchristy902490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I agree, I like that they for a more realistic, historical, honor point. Not the Michael bay effect, so while it had it's issues call me curious. I wonder how they'll 'honor' the troops next.

Blacktric2490d ago

Medal Of Honor's singleplayer was short but amazing. The only "bad" part of the game in my opinion was multiplayer but I'm sure they'll make a proper fully featured multiplayer this time. Can't wait to hear more about this.

MasterD9192490d ago

What about Bad Company 3?

lastdual2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Probably 2013. EA seems to be alternating the MoH and BF franchises on a yearly basis like Activision alternates Treyarch and Infinity Ward COD games.

Jobesy2490d ago

This, and people say only Acti milks games lol. Btw, I don't mind milked franchises a long as the games are good. But hopefully people quit bashing COD.

dark-hollow2490d ago

Look to bad company 1 and compare it to battlefield 3.

Now compare cod 4 with black ops(and soon mw3)

See why some people are pissed off??
With the profit they gain they can deliver much much more but they chose the lazy way.

xX_Altair_Xx2490d ago

BF and MoH will alternate so 2012 is MoH2; then BFBC3 in 2013; MoH3 in 2014; and BF4 in 2015 and so on. Essentially three franchises that are really just the same game underneath.

MasterD9192490d ago

I think I would prefer BFBC3 to MOH coming out sooner...but I guess that means BFBC3 would be on next-gen then?

Baka-akaB2490d ago

yeah i wonder if they shouldnt just fuse BFBC and MOH as one single franchise in the end ?

maniacmayhem2490d ago

So now EA will do the MoH one year then BF the next? Not to mention BF:BC series.

Nobody else thinks this is milking the same way a lot accuse Activision doings with CoD?

brettyd2490d ago

No because thats 3 different games, similar but different.

maniacmayhem2490d ago

So MoH is a modern fps shooter, so is BF:BC and BF.
The same way CoD:MW, CoD:BO and just plain CoD is...

how are the EA games any different?

Just seems to me that EA is taking the Activision route except painting their sky canvas a different color.

blumatt2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Yeah, that's not quite the same thing as CoD every year. They (MoH, BC series, BF series) are at least 3 different games with different worlds/stories. Not apples to apples, buddy.

hardcorehippiez2490d ago

i liked the last moh , it was good albeit short. Hopefully this one will be a little longer and have a few more multiplayer maps

brettyd2490d ago

I think they should of let Danger Close should handle both the single player and multiplayer. You could tell Dice half assed the multiplayer.

Hufandpuf2490d ago

Yeah, I was wishing DC did multi because the SP felt weighted and the multi felt too light.

Magnus2490d ago

Hopefully the AI is smarter in the sequal than it was in the prequal

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