The Hidden Truth... Behind Video Games writes:

"At their core, video games are meant as a simple form of entertainment. But did you know that some titles have hidden meanings buried deep within their souls? Okay, so we're exaggerating but according to our paranoid and delusional minds, there are video games out there that are harboring some Hidden Truths, so put your tinfoil hats on and get ready to see the light!"

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Andronix3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I read this book on the same subject as the Secret. The Ultimate Guide to Cosmic Ordering. Very esoteric, spiritual but inspiring as it teaches the reader to pursue their dreams.

The gamerhelp article is basically an article on whether video games can be art? Which is something ive been writing about. Fun games can have themes and motifs, however I think the writer reads a little too much into some of the more superficial games.

However such critiques are fantastic as it shows the medium is maturing. Good Job and all.