gamrReview: Kinect Sports: Season Two Review

"As Kinect enters its second holiday on the market, many owners are looking for new, quality experiences on the motion control device. Rare’s sequel to the highly successful Kinect Sports is among the most anticipated of the games designed specifically for the device. Microsoft’s answer to Wii Sports saw both high sales and some of the best reviews of Kinect’s launch software. Kinect Sports: Season Two arrives with an all new suite of six different sports, but is it worth plopping down $50, or would this annual entry have been better off taking a bye?" - gamrReview

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Runa2162402d ago

Looks good to me. if I ever get a kinect, this will likely be one of the games I get.

Bigpappy2402d ago

Dispite the press, and some who do not own the device, stating otherwise, Kinect Sports is the most popular and successful game on Kinect. Dance Central is second.

Kinect sports series is super responsiveand has lots of features, like full online support and local multiplayer. Lots of fun for anyone who has friends or family.

Spectator12402d ago

Hmm. Darts is the best? Always looked like the out one out to me.

gamingdroid2402d ago

I tried the demo and both Golf and Tennis was pretty good. Could see a lot of fun with the family.

Buff10442402d ago

This review is silly. The game is a lot of fun.

BoHmaid2402d ago

I tried the demo at my friends house. It's a lot of fun. If the final game as good as the demo, I think it deserve more than 7.0.