I Am Error Podcast #1 – “When Music & Games First Met” writes, "Shortly over a month ago, the general public was able to feast their eyes on the first edition of my monthly column, “I Am Error.” Those that perused said column knew to expect an accompanying podcast from members of the WingDamage crew approximately one month in the future. Well my friends, we totally delivered.

In this, the first WingDamage-hosted edition of I Am Error, Jonah, Dan and I discuss three instances of not-so-good retro games featuring real-life musicians – Journey The Arcade Game, The Thompson Twins Adventure and Revolution X. We also talk a bit about how real celebrities & musicians are used in modern games.

If you have any thoughts regarding the games we discussed, ideas for future themes, or just random junk you’d like to send us, email us via [email protected] We’ll also accept any feedback on the theme for next month’s column & podcast, which we announce at the end of the show. Now, download and enjoy!"

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