Battlefield 3 Pre-Orders Close To 3M As Game Launches In North America

"EA has revealed that Battlefield 3, which launched today in North America, has seen nearly three million pre-orders in total."

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Wizziokid2462d ago

very nice, well deserved

Jobesy2462d ago

Don't know about well deserved but extraordinary none the less. Congrats on the success.

evrfighter2462d ago

Well deserved indeed, gratz to dice

mastahmind2462d ago

i agree with you.. hope they use the money so i can actually enjoy the game instead of looking on forums how to make it playable..

NewVegasTroop2462d ago

i canceled my pre order the secound i heard it got an online this:

his talking about online passes in general

Shackdaddy8362462d ago

Then you must not play very many games because lots of games have online passes now...

NewVegasTroop2462d ago

i dont, i have 5 disc based games and like 18 downloadeble games, people will disagree with me becasue im poor? i also passed mk9, that is why ill get mw3, cause i dont need a one time use code to play online (elite is not required to play online, and i also will not support it beacuse its a ripoff, never bought any of the cod dlc) i know this is a risky move here in n4g, im going to be bubbled down for trolling an such, but i will stand true to my opinion. also people watch the videos i linked to, its the best way to describe the way this industry is going to be if we continue to support the online passes and now the single player passes (batman)....

ZeroX98762462d ago


I think online pass are necessary in the era of gaming we're in now. When you sell your game used to someone, This person gets to play online with dedicated server (in BF3 case) WITHOUT paying anything for server access. EA still has to pay to run those servers for years to come without any additionnal revenue coming from used game sales.

Take the online pass as a way to pay for server access and maintenance.

aceitman2462d ago

im ok with online pass if they dont restrict it for one user or system i have 3 ps3s one in my bedroom one in my living room and one in family room where my kid plays if i want to take the copy i bought and play it on any system of mine without being able to play the full game without having to buy a online pass (gt5) and other games then its just getting greed and not fighting off the pirated copies.

MasterD9192462d ago

Online passes are becoming the norm sadly...but if you are a smart consumer (don't have to be rich) you can always find good deals to buy new games.

I think these companies make more than enough from gamers already and I don't agree with it but what can you do when they are essentially grabbing you by the balls? You'll end up missing the game entirely for a $10 pass that would be included regardless when the game drops down $20-30?

P.S.- Buy MK9 if you want it...I liked it. You could probably get it new for around 30-40 bucks the most.

NewVegasTroop2462d ago

unfortunately i don't live in the USA where games are "afordable", in my country new games cost 100 USD, used games cost around 60 USD, and new games that droped in price cost 80 USD, so unfortunately ill be missing a whole lot of titles, the only afordable way for me is used games and the online pass gets in the way :(

MasterD9192462d ago

Sorry to hear that....Can you import games from other countries?

Sure shipping might be horrific but if you buy a dirt cheap used game that might help, no?

You have my condolences...but rest assured...when the next generation of consoles gets here- there will be more than enough games for you to buy at dirt cheap prices.

VvKILLAGOOSEvV2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Picked mine up at midnight and played online 7 hours straight...I can tell you it is well worth the purchase for multiplayer alone, and much better than Bad Company 2 was. Theres many many more options for everything. I tried the single player for a bit as well, and it's a more realistic take on warfare, some over the top moments, but not bordering ridiculous like CoD has had post Modern Warfare 1.

If your on the fence, know this...I've been known to be a VERY critical person when it comes to games, and I'm not easily pleased considering I'm in animation game design, and I promise this game is a purchase if you like FPS's or great online gameplay.

Pintheshadows2462d ago

I'm not massively into MP but the campaign looks really good. I like bc2. Is BF3 worth a buy for the campaign. I have the money.


Honestly, I've put maybe an hour into the campaign so I might not be the best to ask when wondering about single player only, but I can tell you what I played I really enjoyed, and I feel they accomplished what they wanted to do with it. There's also a Co-op mode if your into that.

I'm a big shooter fan, and I picked up RAGE when that released, and I didn't enjoy that game as much as I hoped...but I am enjoying this campaign much more. Also, I never even finished Black Ops campaign since it never really pulled me in, but I will be definitely finishing BF3's. Hope that helps.

Szarky2462d ago

@VvKILLAGOOSEvV: Good to hear, 5pm can't come quick enough!!!!

Yo Mama2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

And about 1.5 million trade-ins less than a week later, I expect. I'll rent this for the single player. MP, not so much.

spektical2462d ago

feel sorry for you bro,
bf has always been a MP game. SP is basically MP with bots.

Yo Mama2462d ago

Except SP has better graphics and less glitches....hopefully.

2462d ago