Skyrim Secrets: Dragon Armor, Perk Constellations and Dragon Shout Strength

GR - "Like many other big games, Skyrim's colossal fanbase has a tendency to speculate on the features and would-be qualities of the game without any official word from Bethesda whatsoever."

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IrishAssa2160d ago

That last one was confirmed before E3

Stapes72160d ago

The second one was already confirmed moths ago aswel.

AngelicIceDiamond2160d ago

The anticipation fellow gamers.....

MasterD9192160d ago

Is it likely we'll start seeing pre-order content for this game?

So far I've only seen coupons and the premium map included bonus....I expect there to be actual pre-order DLC for this.

Dovahkiin2160d ago

I don't think they'd do that so close to release, I've ordered a copy with the strategy guide, and I'm hoping i get the cloth map too!

MariaHelFutura2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

I just want it.

eak32159d ago

everyone who pre-orders is supposed to get the cloth map. I like the idea of smithing being able to make dragon armor. I wouldn't have a problem either if it was a craftable item only and not a drop also.