EDGE Magazine - The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword review [Complete] Nintendo has been so busy elaborating on Ocarina’s heroic ideal that it’s forgotten to embrace it for itself. So what better way to honour 25 years of bravery than courageously striving for something new? And what opportune hardware to cut those ties. After all, hasn’t the Wii hardware spent the past five years searching for the hero inside itself? Firstparty experiments have tested Wii’s boundaries, deducing what does and doesn’t work. Their findings resonate throughout Skyward Sword. In Wii Sports-powered bomb bowling. In skydiving and swordplay learnt on a Wuhu holiday. In the surreal beauty and orchestral bombast beamed down from Super Mario Galaxy. In the metallic Metroid chu-chunk of a door lock. Even the opinion-dividing Wii Music is vindicated in subtle moments of auto-tuning cleverness. How apt that this ultimate tale of heromaking should see Nintendo’s hardware become the console it was always meant to be.

A Triumph.

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StanLee2276d ago

I think Skyward Sword just became the front runner for Game of the Year. Time to dust off the Wii I guess. Hope it still works.

-Alpha2276d ago

This is the strong GOTY contender that I keep forgetting about.

Pacman3212276d ago

Going to be between this, Uncharted and Skyrim i reckon, maybe Dark Souls too.

Oldsnake0072276d ago

right know arkham city and portal 2 rthe highers rated games this year.

StraightPath2276d ago

you forgot Batman AC and Portal 2.

Pacman3212276d ago

Oh s**t forgot about Batman & Portal!
Too many AAA games came out this year, to the point where i was actually hoping some of them would flop just so i wouldn't have to buy it.

nikola9872276d ago

Edge gave Uncharted lower score (9), so Zelda should be better? :)

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Sticky__Rice2276d ago

I don't have a wii. Nor do I plan on buying one.. But I musy say, If I ever wanted a reason to buy one... this is it.

Aggesan2276d ago

Its crazy times im telling you. Batman, battlefield, uncharted and now this? Why does all the great games have to come all at once?!

Dacapn2276d ago

Guess it's finally time to dust off the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.