Final box arts and revealed for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition

The final box arts for the Crystal Edition, as well as the possible North American cover, may have been revealed for the upcoming multiplatform title, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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Reibooi2459d ago

Kinda annoys me that EU gets such awesome special editions of games. There have been some incredible ones in the past I would have loved to get here.

Ddouble2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Glad i preoredered this. It was sold out in GAME, Zavvi and The Hut in only 3 days. Only Amazon has it last time i checked but they don't have the pre-order bonus.

Edit: It's back up in GAME

Hicken2459d ago

I still want the white PS3 for FFXIII.

Optical_Matrix2459d ago

Pre-ordered my PS3 Crystal Edition from GAME the day pre-orders started. It's £79.99 but that will be well spent for sure. Can't wait for this