CVG review: Tabula Rasa - 8.3

Open betas are awesome things; you get to play a game for free. Open betas are terrible things; the game you get to play may not be awesome, at least yet.

When I played the Tabula Rasa beta, I found myself charmed by some of it, but with a mass of worries. Now it's released, it's probably my favourite persistent-world MMO since City of Heroes

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Maddens Raiders3839d ago

I want to play this game already.

StarsCream3839d ago

Its really really good. Once its got an auction house and a little more optimization to the graphics, it will be my favorite MMO. Right now though, it still has all of my attention.

nekon3839d ago

This is the first game to turn me on to MMO's for good. I can't get enough of it or the community over at!