EA: FIFA Vita the 'most accessible and controllable FIFA ever'

"EA’s Matt Prior told TGL that not only will Vita bring the PS3 experience into the palm of your hands, but FIFA Vita will be the most accessible and controllable FIFA ever."

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Oldman1002491d ago

PSVita a guaranteed success in europe confirmed.

Ddouble2491d ago

Definitely buying this on the Vita. When has a handheld version of Fifa looked so good as well as having features that console versions don't have.

This is why Febuary 22nd can not come soon enough.

danny8182491d ago

Omg now i have to get uncharted, mod nation racers, and fifa plus memory card... ima have to hit up the bank feb 21 as i have pre-ordered my vita

plmkoh2491d ago

I'm guessing the rear touch-pad would be good for flicking so you can get the strength of a kick or a pass just right.

jujubee882491d ago

There should be a lot of friendly and spirited conversations over the "Party" app which will let FIFA Vita players voice and text chat during the game.

This could actually be a very good day one buy. :)

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