Battlefield 3 Limited Edition ( PS3 ) Sells Out On Amazon

EA’s much anticipated first person shooter goes on sale today but apparently online retailer is already finding it hard to keep up with the demand for Battlefield 3.

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DrFUD2308d ago

The 360 version has always been one or two spots higher on the best seller list but it's not sold out.
Looks like EA is desperate in trying to create fake demand.
All I know is I wanted to want BF3, but it has been confirmed that once again DICE on consoles has screen tearing and therefore I'm sticking with COD again

Szarky2308d ago

"I didn't pick up a game because it had screen tearing" See how silly that sounds?

DasBunker2308d ago

i played bayonetta on PS3 and enjoyed it... and that game REALLY had screen tearing and the cutscenes were like SD LOL

deadpoole2308d ago

can someone pls tell me when r we gonna get back to karkand map pack for PS3.

SOD_Delta2308d ago

@ deadpoole I think it's supposed to come out before the end of the year so I've heard.

cvflyboy2308d ago

LOL...I hate the video game media like I hate the mainstream world news. All it does is produce mindless droids like ^^^ DrFUD. Think for yourself or you are gonna miss out on a lot of things in life

rezzah2308d ago

Many people have a inner void that's filled when they follow.

swishersweets200312308d ago

i've been playing since 9 am yesterday and i have had no screen tearing.

Janitor2308d ago

Uh, it sold out for a few hours last night. Back in stock now. Why approve this?

XDF2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Clue = Sold out and Playstation 3. I'll let you put the pieces together.

Shackdaddy8362308d ago

It shows how popular the game is on PS3

Elwenil2308d ago

I believe the 360 version sold out a few hours later. Mind you that it was the Limited Edition that sold out. The reason they have them in stock now is that they are now selling the standard edition.

AzaziL2307d ago

Wow, a Limited Edition that's actually really limited..