Wanted: IGN's GTA V Wish List

In light of today's big news, we're republishing IGN's Grand Theft Auto V Wish List, originally published just over a year ago.

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Quagmire2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Definitely more choices in how we affect the story, characters, settings, gameplay, endings etc

Oh and fix the bloody driving

smooch_3572222d ago

I agree with you about the driving, I know that there are a lot of people who are perfectly ok with it, but I myself prefer the old driving mechanics that they used in GTA:III-GTA:SA. To me, it was so much easier to drift, make tight turns at high speed, and made the overall game so much more enjoyable. In the old GTA's I would just drive around causing havoc, getting 4-5 stars, and then see how long I could out run the cops/FBI...I didn't do this nowhere near as much as I did in GTAIV because of the new physics based driving engine. To me, even though it made it more took so much fun out of the game. I hope that they at least add an option to let you seclet which driving style that you want.

Pwee2222d ago

Im with ya man, driving in IV was so frustrating i jus used to get a taxi to next mission.

Just need San Andreas gameplay in HD tbh

Me-Time2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

A choppa!

MrBeatdown2222d ago

Basically, what I want is all the cool features and mechanics of Red Dead Redemption applied to GTA. The shooting, the online setup, the posse system, random events, etc. RDR was a huge leap over GTA4, so it would be a shame to see GTAV not build on that.

And a GTA version of Undead Nightmare could be mind-bogglingly sweet. I'm not a huge fan of zombie games, but hacking up hordes of zombies with my helicopter blades and mowing them down in a big rig would make for a great DLC pack.

chickens2222d ago

how about 12 people online in a zombie game where zombies can even drive. would be good in areas like the airport in gta4

armorki2222d ago

I realy liked the driving school from GTA san andreas :)

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